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A Full Guide for How to Pass the Wonderlic NFL Test

A Full Guide for How to Pass the Wonderlic NFL Test

The Wonderlic NFL test is one part of the evaluation process for prospective football players hoping to make it to the NFL.

It can be a challenging test for some, but with the right preparation you can improve your chances of achieving a high score.

In this guide we cover what the test is and what it measures. We also provide some sample NFL Wonderlic test questions, along with valuable tips and strategies to help you prepare for test day.

What Is the Wonderlic NFL Test?

The Wonderlic testing system was invented in 1936 by psychologist E.F. Wonderlic as a quick and reliable way to measure cognitive ability, especially in employment settings.

Since its introduction, the original Wonderlic test has been widely used in various industries – including business, education and sports – as a tool for assessing cognitive aptitude and problem-solving skills.

The Wonderlic test has evolved over time, with different versions and adaptations for specific industries or purposes, including the Wonderlic NFL test for evaluating prospective players during the NFL (National Football League) draft process.

As the highest level of professional American football, the entry standards for the NFL are rigorous. The talent pool is vast, with countless aspiring athletes vying for a limited number of roster spots on NFL teams.

The purpose of the Wonderlic NFL test is to evaluate the cognitive abilities of prospective NFL players, as cognitive aptitude is considered an important factor in predicting an athlete's potential for success.

The test is used to assess critical traits for football players, such as:

  • Mental quickness
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making abilities

It‘s worth noting that not all NFL teams use the Wonderlic test, and some may employ other assessment tools or methods to evaluate player aptitude.

For information on Wonderlic scores, see our dedicated article.

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The Format of the Wonderlic NFL Test

A timed, multiple-choice exam, the Wonderlic NFL test consists of four main sections that assess different cognitive abilities:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Spatial reasoning
  • General knowledge

There are two formats of the Wonderlic NFL assessment:

  • The quick test
  • The full test

Both versions assess the same cognitive abilities but differ in the number of questions and time allotted.

The quick test is a short version that includes 30 questions with a time limit of eight minutes. It’s used in some cases when time is limited, such as during the NFL Combine.

The full test, on the other hand, consists of 50 questions with a time limit of 12 minutes and is typically used in other settings, such as individual team evaluations.

Below you’ll find an overview of each section so you know what to expect when you take the Wonderlic NFL test.

NFL Wonderlic Test Questions: Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning section of the Wonderlic NFL test measures a player's ability to comprehend written information and draw conclusions from it.

Questions may involve word relationships, analogies and sentence completion, and in each case the player must select the correct answer from multiple-choice options.

The verbal reasoning section makes up around 40% of the complete test.

NFL Wonderlic Test Questions: Numerical Reasoning

The numerical reasoning section evaluates a player's proficiency in working with numbers and basic mathematical operations.

Questions may involve arithmetic, percentages and data interpretation. Players must solve mathematical problems and choose the correct answer from multiple-choice options.

As with verbal reasoning, the numerical reasoning section accounts for 40% of the complete Wonderlic NFL test.

NFL Wonderlic Test Questions: Spatial Reasoning

In the spatial reasoning section, players are assessed on their ability to understand and manipulate visual information in two and three-dimensional space.

Questions may involve mental rotation, pattern completion and visualization, and again players are given multiple-choice options to choose from for each question.

Spatial reasoning questions make up around 10% of the whole test.

NFL Wonderlic Test Questions: General Knowledge

Finally, players are tested on their knowledge of a wide range of topics, including history, science, geography and current events.

Questions may involve facts, concepts and general awareness, with the general knowledge section accounting for the remaining 10% of the test.

Sample Wonderlic NFL Test Questions

Below you’ll find sample Wonderlic test NFL questions for the verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning sections.

You can use these as a starting point for your preparation, but to fully familiarize yourself with the questions you’ll face it’s advisable to take a practice Wonderlic NFL test online.

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Verbal Reasoning

Example Question

'Late' is to 'punctual', as 'clumsy' is to:

a) Chaotic
b) Graceful
c) Obscure
d) Strong

Numerical Reasoning

Example Question

$5.60 is what percentage of $17.50?

a) 28%
b) 32%
c) 36%
d) 42%

Spatial Reasoning

Example Question

Which shape is the odd one out?

How to Pass the Wonderlic NFL Test: Full Guide
How to Pass the Wonderlic NFL Test: Full Guide

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Tips to Help You Take the Wonderlic NFL Test

The Wonderlic NFL test can be challenging due to its timed nature, diverse question types and high stakes for NFL players, but proper preparation can help improve performance and increase your chances of success.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for and take Wonderlic NFL questions:

Step 1. Familiarize Yourself With the Test and Question Format

Understanding the format of the Wonderlic NFL test is crucial.

Familiarize yourself with the types of questions that may be asked, such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning and general knowledge.

Reviewing sample Wonderlic NFL test questions and becoming familiar with the test format can help you feel more confident and prepared on test day.

Step 2. Take Online Practice Tests

As with any kind of aptitude test practice is key to success, and there are numerous resources that offer online NFL Wonderlic test questions and practice papers.

Working through plenty of these will help you get a better sense of the types of questions you may encounter, allow you to practice managing your time effectively and help you spot any areas of weakness you need to work on.

Step 3. Review Basic Concepts

Brush up on fundamentals in areas such as vocabulary and math, and build on your general knowledge.

When reviewing basic concepts, it’s helpful to create flashcards and summarize key information in your own words. This helps to reinforce information and improve understanding of the material.

Step 4. Practice Reading a Lot

The Wonderlic NFL test includes verbal reasoning questions that assess reading comprehension skills.

Practice reading a variety of texts, such as news articles, sports reports and other written materials to enhance your ability to quickly understand and analyze written content.

Step 5. Get Used to the Fast Timing

The Wonderlic NFL test is timed, with a strict limit of eight minutes for the quick test and 12 minutes for the full test.

Practice answering questions quickly and efficiently within the time constraints to get used to the fast pacing of the test.

Step 6. Stay Calm and Focused

Test-taking can be stressful, but it's important to stay calm and focused during the Wonderlic NFL test.

Manage your time effectively, avoid spending too much time on one question and move on if you get stuck.

Remember to read each question carefully and double-check your answers before submitting your final responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Wonderlic NFL test is a cognitive ability test administered to prospective players during the NFL draft process.

It’s a multiple-choice exam that covers general knowledge and a range of cognitive abilities known to contribute to strong decision-making and problem-solving skills – including verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and spatial reasoning.

The test is timed, with a quick version that allows test takers eight minutes to complete 30 questions and a full version that has 50 questions, with 12 minutes for completion.

The difficulty of the Wonderlic NFL test can vary depending on an individual's cognitive abilities and familiarity with the test format.

Some players may find it challenging, while others may perform well with adequate preparation and practice.

To do well on the Wonderlic NFL test take plenty of practice assessments online and complete online Wonderlic test NFL sample questions. Practicing time management and quick decision-making can also be beneficial, as the time constraint can add to the challenge.

There are various online resources that offer sample questions, practice tests and study materials to help you prepare for the Wonderlic NFL test, including JobTestPrep, where you’ll find a full sample Wonderlic test for NFL players.

You can also prepare by revising basic concepts such as word analogies, math problems, pattern recognition and vocabulary exercises.

It's also important to practice reading quickly and accurately, as the test requires reading and comprehending questions within a short timeframe.

The questions on the Wonderlic NFL test are designed to assess a player's mental aptitude, problem-solving skills and ability to think quickly under pressure.

They come in various types including word analogies, math problems, logic puzzles and general knowledge questions.

Familiarizing yourself with each type and practicing with sample Wonderlic test NFL questions can be helpful in better preparing for the test.

Developing effective strategies, such as prioritizing easier questions, managing time and avoiding random guessing, can also improve your test performance.

NFL players take the Wonderlic test as part of the draft process to provide teams with insights into their cognitive abilities, which may impact their potential success in the league.

The test results are considered important as they can help teams evaluate a player's mental aptitude and problem-solving skills.

However, the Wonderlic test is just one of many factors that teams consider when evaluating prospective players. Other factors include physical abilities, performance on the field and character.

Sample questions for the NFL players Wonderlic test can be found through various online resources, including both NFL draft preparation and test preparation websites.

Practicing with sample questions can help you understand the types of questions that may be asked and help you develop effective test-taking strategies.

It's important to practice regularly and take an online Wonderlic NFL test under test conditions to get a feel for the time constraints and pressure of the actual assessment.

There is no specific pass or fail threshold for the Wonderlic NFL test. The scores are used as a measure of cognitive ability and there are no consequences for low scores in terms of passing or failing the test.

However, higher Wonderlic NFL scores may be perceived as favorable by NFL teams and may positively impact a player's draft prospects.

The number of questions in the Wonderlic NFL test depends on which version of the test is administered.

In the quick test version, players are presented with 30 questions in total. In the full test, this rises to 50 questions.

These are split across four sections, with verbal and numerical reasoning accounting for 40% of the test questions each, while spatial reasoning and general knowledge questions both account for 10%.

The Wonderlic test is considered important for the NFL as it serves as a measure of cognitive ability and allows teams to evaluate the decision-making and problem-solving skills of potential players.

Results can impact a player's draft position, contract negotiations and overall career prospects in the NFL.

However, it is just one factor among many that teams consider and its importance may vary depending on the individual team's evaluation criteria.

The ability to take the Wonderlic test NFL more than once may vary depending on the specific rules and policies of the NFL and its teams.

It’s best to check with the NFL or team officials for their retake policy, as it may vary depending on the circumstances and individual situations.

There are several resources available online that provide comprehensive guides and preparation materials if you are going to take the Wonderlic test NFL.

Some potential sources for a complete guide include official NFL websites, reputable test preparation websites like JobTestPrep and study guides or books specifically designed for the Wonderlic NFL test.

Whatever resources you use, it's important to ensure they are reliable, up to date and aligned with the Wonderlic NFL test requirements.

Final Thoughts

The Wonderlic NFL test is a challenging cognitive ability test used to assess the mental aptitude and problem-solving skills of potential NFL players.

A key part of the NFL Combine, it can significantly impact a player's draft stock and overall chances of being drafted by an NFL team. As such, it is essential for aspiring NFL players to be well prepared.

By following the strategies and tips outlined in this guide, you can increase your chances of success and take a step closer towards achieving your NFL dreams.

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