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How to Pass the Amazon Assessment (June 2024)

A List of Amazon Assessments Tests

There are many things that applicants can do to prepare themselves and give themselves the best chance of success when taking an Amazon online assessment.

What Is an Amazon Assessment?

Amazon is an exceptionally large organization with a vast variety of jobs spanning lots of specialisms.

As part of the recruitment process for Amazon jobs, candidates need to sit various assessments depending on the role applied for.

These assessments include Amazon online assessments, interviews and assessment days.

What Purpose Do They Serve?

The purpose of Amazon’s assessments benefits both Amazon as a company and the applicant.

From Amazon’s perspective, the assessments also allow the company to get to know its applicants.

The assessments provide information on how a candidate likes to work when on the job.

They provide information on how customer-focused a candidate is and how they go about solving problems when on the job.

From these assessments, Amazon is able to see whether applicants have the skills and competencies required for the role they applied to.

As with any large organization, Amazon has a set of leadership principles.

These principles are integral to upholding the values and culture of Amazon as a company.

It's these principles that all Amazon employees need to demonstrate and work by, whatever their job at Amazon may be.

There are 14 leadership principles in total. Amazon assessments allow recruiters to assess these principles through the recruitment process.

Assessing applicants against these 14 principles ensures that the people recruited for jobs at Amazon demonstrate the characteristics that Amazon looks for in its employees.

From a candidate’s perspective, the Amazon assessments require candidates to research both the company and the role they want to apply to.

It is through this research that candidates can get a greater understanding of Amazon as a company and what its values and mission is.

From there, applicants can then decide whether applying for a job at Amazon is the right strategic decision for them and their career.

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How Are They Administered?

The Amazon assessment process varies by role type.

Amazon assessment tests are administered in a variety of different ways. For the most part, candidates sit Amazon assessments online.

But the latter stages of the recruitment process may require applicants to complete some face-to-face assessments.

It is worth noting that the type of Amazon assessment test a candidate is invited to sit will depend on the type of role applied for.

What Kinds of Skills Do They Test?

Amazon is a big company that offers many different types of jobs.

Some are more general in nature, while others are specialized and require candidates to have skills and experience in specific areas.

The types of skills tested vary according to the role but always include assessment against Amazon’s 14 leadership principles.

For example, specialist roles such as those in cloud technologies or programming roles may require candidates to sit a different specialist Amazon assessment test compared to roles in logistics or business analysis.

Examples of some of the online tests include:

  • Coding skills
  • Excel skills
  • Numerical reasoning skills (the ability to interpret and analyze numerical data)
  • Verbal reasoning (the ability to understand and interpret written information)

Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles

As already mentioned, Amazon has a set of 14 leadership principles that it believes all employees should demonstrate.

It is these 14 leadership principles that are assessed throughout the Amazon assessment.

The Amazon leadership principles are:

  • Customer Obsession
  • Deliver Results
  • Dive Deep
  • Hire and Develop the Best
  • Learn and Be Curious
  • Are Right, A Lot
  • Frugality
  • Bias for Action
  • Ownership
  • Invent and Simplify
  • Insist On the Highest Standards
  • Think Big
  • Earn Trust
  • Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

Applicants need to demonstrate these principles as they progress through the Amazon assessments.

These leadership principles are assessed as part of the work style assessments and work simulation assessment tests.

Applicants are expected to sit the tests and answer the questions as honestly as they can.

This is so that recruiters can get a true picture of the applicant and their skills and behaviors as aligned to the Amazon leadership principles.

In addition to this, depending on the role applied to, further technical skills tests may also be included as part of an Amazon assessment.

What Types of Amazon Assessment Are There?

The type of role an applicant applies to will determine the types of assessment that Amazon invites an applicant to sit.

Some jobs, especially those in specialized areas, will ask applicants to complete several different test sections.

Almost any Amazon assessment process will contain tests on verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, a work style assessment and a virtual work situation assessment.

But there are several others for different roles that applicants may be invited to sit.

Take an Amazon Assessment Test

Examples of these are the Amazon virtual job tryout (for applicants applying to managerial-level positions) or technical indicator assessments (for applicants applying to specialized roles such as a solutions architect role).

The most common application route for applicants is outlined below.

Online Application Form

Applicants for the vast majority of jobs at Amazon need to complete an application form as the first part of the Amazon assessment.

Amazon has its own dedicated recruitment portal. Applicants need to create their own account on and complete the application form linked to the role they want to apply to.

There are some roles (such as specialist roles) where applicants need to send a CV directly to a recruiter.

If this is the case, this is noted on the job description.

If applicants are successful at the application stage, they will then be invited to sit online Amazon assessment tests.

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How to Pass the Amazon Assessment in 2021
How to Pass the Amazon Assessment in 2021

Amazon Online Assessments

This stage of the Amazon assessment can vary by job type. The majority of Amazon jobs will require candidates to sit ability tests such as numerical reasoning and logical reasoning.

Numerical Assessment

These tests assess an applicant’s ability to read, interpret and analyze numerical data. Applicants then answer questions based on this data.

The numerical data is usually presented in the form of graphs, tables or charts.

Applicants need to use basic math to decide which of the multiple-choice answers is correct. The numerical reasoning tests are timed tests.

Amazon is a data-driven organization. It is constantly innovating and improving its customer service through the use of data.

Numerical reasoning assessments enable Amazon to assess how comfortable applicants are in using numerical data to make decisions.

Try a Numerical Assessment

Logical Reasoning Assessment

This test assesses an applicant’s ability to read and interpret information, then make logical conclusions from it.

Tests are timed, and the format of the information can vary according to the type of test and role.

For example, information may be presented in the form of a diagram, pattern or sequence.

Try a Logical Reasoning Assessment

Verbal Reasoning Assessment

The Amazon verbal reasoning assessment looks at a candidate’s ability to read information and make reasonable conclusions from it.

Information is presented in text format, usually in the form of a few paragraphs. Applicants then need to choose the most appropriate answer from the list of answers given.

Again, these Amazon online assessments are timed.

In addition to ability tests, Amazon online assessments also include:

  • Amazon work style assessments
  • Amazon work sample situation

The content of these tests is dependent on the role that an applicant has applied for.

Try a Verbal Reasoning Assessment

Amazon Work Style Assessments

These online assessments are short assessments taking up to 20 minutes to complete.

They take the form of statements. An applicant has to select the most relevant statement to them around how they like to work when in a job.

Amazon Work Sample Situation Assessments

Work sample situation tests vary according to the role applied for. As these tests are directly related to the job itself, tests can take up to one hour to complete depending on the work-based task set.

For example, a customer service work sample situation may involve a task involving a customer query.

Work sample situation tests look at an applicant’s problem-solving, analytical and customer-focused skills. These tests assess against Amazon’s 14 leadership principles so it is worth having these in mind when completing these tests.

Other Tests

Applicants may also be invited to sit further specialized tests as part of their application process or as part of the work sample situation assessments.

For example, the Amazon SDE assessment tests assess applicants’ coding skills as well as how they react and perform on the job.

Some roles may also include an Excel test to assess an applicant's understanding and knowledge of Excel as a package.

Assessment Center

If an applicant is successful at the online assessments, they will be invited to complete an interview or assessment center.

Again, this varies from role to role. Some interviews may be telephone-based. Some applicants are invited for an in-person interview.

There may also be additional in-person assessments that applicants need to sit as part of an assessment center. These are role dependent.

Examples of these are group-based assessments, role-play exercises, writing exercises or specialized skills tests.

Amazon Assessment Practice Questions & Answers

Example Question

What will happen if the forward button is pressed and released after a while?

  1. M1 will start running and keep working even if the forward button is released
  2. M1 will start running and stop when the forward button is released
  3. M2 will start running and keep working even if the forward button is released
  4. M2 will start running and stop when the forward button is released
Example Question

In a 110V electrical system, there are three appliances: appliance A (550W) appliance B (770W), and appliance C (330W). Given that all appliances operate simultaneously, what is the minimum required fuse rating?

  1. 30A
  2. 25A
  3. 20A
  4. 15A

Prepare for Amazon Assessment

How to Prepare for the Amazon Assessment in 2024

As with all assessments, preparation is key.

Amazon online assessments are no different. Preparation for these assessments covers lots of areas; these are noted below:

Step 1. Completing an Amazon Application Form

Research Amazon as a company and the role you are applying to. Think about the skills that you have in relation to this role.

Many applications do not have a spell check facility on them. Complete any example-based questions using a Word or Google document. This will enable you to check for spelling and grammar errors.

Step 2. Practicalities Before Sitting the Test

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

Think about where you will complete the tests – you will need a quiet space that is free from distraction.

Check if you need any equipment for completing the tests such as a calculator, pen and paper.

Make sure you know any deadlines for completing the tests.

Step 3. Preparation Before Sitting the Online Tests

There are many practice numerical reasoning tests available. Make sure you practice these tests under timed conditions. This will give you an idea of how you react under pressure in a timed situation.

Read articles that contain numerical information such as graphs. Get into the habit of interpreting this information before reading the text that accompanies it. This will help with the numerical reasoning tests.

Read text-based publications such as newspapers. Make reasoned conclusions based on what you have read and without bringing in any prior knowledge. This will help with the verbal reasoning and logical reasoning tests.

It is important to practice as many verbal, numerical and logical reasoning tests as possible.

Make sure that you are familiar with the Amazon leadership principles, values and the culture at Amazon. Take some time to think about how you like to work. This will help with Amazon work-based and work simulation tests.

Read the job description and person specification very carefully before doing work sample simulation tests.

For any specialized roles, check whether the role involves a test on specific software and revise the functions of that software.

Step 4. Preparation Before an Interview or Assessment Center

Much of the preparation an applicant completes before applying is relevant to the preparation for an assessment center.

It is a good idea to refresh your memory on the specifics of the job description and person specification.

Read through the Amazon leadership principles. These principles are used to guide the interview. Applicants are assessed on how they have previously demonstrated these principles.

Think about the skills that you have and how these link to the skills detailed in the job description. Prepare examples of how you have demonstrated these skills and the Amazon leadership principles.

Prepare examples using the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Make sure that your examples demonstrate the Amazon leadership principles.

If being interviewed for a technical role, make sure you know which skills the recruiter will be assessing. If unsure contact the recruiter to clarify.

Use this information to guide your preparation on how you can demonstrate your specialist knowledge in practice.

For example, coding roles require applicants to write code. Database roles will require applicants to show their knowledge of databases and concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Practice for the online tests in verbal, numerical and logical reasoning beforehand, under timed conditions.

Read widely and spend extra time on any areas of weakness that you identify.

Learn as much information as you can about Amazon as a company and memorize its 14 leadership principles.

Research the specifics of the job role you are applying for, in addition to the leadership principles, to help you to prepare for any in-person or telephone interviews.

Make sure you are well-rested and hydrated and that you have any tools or equipment that you need to sit the assessment (such as a PC and reliable internet connection).

The numerical reasoning test will assess how well you can deal with numbers and data. This is important for Amazon employees as they are a very data-driven company.

You will have to interpret data sets within graphs, diagrams, charts or tables.

The Amazon verbal reasoning assessment presents a short paragraph of information, followed by a set of statements that you have to decide are true, false or unknown based on the information available.

This tests your logic, critical thinking and ability to form sensible conclusions based on the evidence available.

Amazon Work Assessments are a form of personality test.

Based on a test of statements, you have to indicate the working style that fits you best for example ‘I thrive in a pressurized environment’ or ‘I like to have my working day well planned and steadily paced’. Amazon will use your answers to assess your suitability for a role within the company.

The Amazon Maintenance Tech test is proctored. It is a version of the Ramsay Test.

The standard online assessments taken before the interview stage can be taken from home or anywhere with an internet connection.

Parts of the online assessment are timed so you need to be able to think quickly and give accurate answers.

Amazon will be in touch with candidates if it intends to progress their application to the next level. You can also check your application portal online.

For your phone interview you will be contacted by a member of Amazon’s recruitment team to complete a behavioral interview.

You should find a quiet place where you can talk freely. Interviewers will ask questions based on your past experience or situations you have faced, based on their Leadership Principles, such as ‘Describe a time you recently took charge during a challenging project’.

There will be no trick questions and interviewers are looking for focussed answers, preferably with real working examples or data to support them.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification exam generates a score report with a scaled score between 100 and 1,000 and an indication of the score needed to pass, your actual score and whether you have passed or failed.

For the online assessment you should familiarize yourself with test questions and practice under timed conditions.

For the interview, you should make sure you have thoroughly researched both Amazon as a company, including their history and culture, as well as the job role you are applying for.

You also need to learn and understand the 14 leadership principles that the company holds. Prepare answers that will relate directly to Amazon and its leadership principles.

Online tests require basic numerical and verbal reasoning skills. Read widely and get familiar with the questions including looking at graphs, tables and data and make sure you have a working knowledge of simple math such as percentages or fractions.

Make sure that you have dedicated some time to learning about the history and culture of Amazon. Understand the role that you have applied for and be prepared to demonstrate a working knowledge of the role.

If you fail you can retake the assessment after a certain amount of time which varies by position.

You should answer questions as accurately as possible and use your own knowledge. Cheating on the Amazon assessment could result in your application being terminated or even a postion in the company that does not suit you.

Some assessments have a deadline and if you miss it, you will be unable to get an extension, so take care to note any times or dates relevant to the assessments you need to complete during the Amazon hiring process.

The Amazon Work Style assessment portion takes about 15 minutes to complete.

The basic online assessment which contains verbal reasoning and numerical tests is fairly simple and needs concentration and a logical brain to pass.

It is also in multiple-choice format. Other parts of the assessment that are job-specific vary in difficulty depending on the role applied for.

After the initial assessments you may be offered a phone interview, followed by a virtual or on-site interview.

You should usually expect results within one to two weeks. Keep checking your online application portal to see if the status of your application has been updated.

To pass the Amazon online assessment you should prepare thoroughly and rely on your skills and abilities. Trying to do research during timed assessments eats into the time you have and will probably make you more stressed.

In most cases, Amazon will notify you by email if they decide to progress your application. You are also able to check your status at any time using the application portal.

Amazon has a ‘2&5’ promise which means once you have been through the hiring and interview process, you should hear back from them within two working days about the outcome following a phone or on-screen interview, or five working days after an on-site interview.

Final Thoughts

Applications to Amazon have increased steadily.

With the company continuing to grow, the number of job opportunities for applicants is vast.

Amazon has a rigorous assessment process that includes different types of Amazon-specific assessments.

The assessment an applicant will sit will depend on the role applied to.

Candidates are assessed against Amazon’s 14 leadership principles as well as specific skills (especially if the role applied to is a specialist role).

As an applicant, to give yourself the best chance of success with the Amazon assessments you can:

  • Practice the common sections of the Amazon assessment.
  • Do your research on Amazon as a company so you have a clear sense of the company priorities and values.
  • Think about the skills and experience you have, how these link to the role applied for and how this means you can do the role.
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