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A Guide to the EOC Test {YEAR}: with Tips and Example Questions

A Guide to the EOC Test 2024: with Tips and Example Questions

The EOC Test (End of Course Test) is an academic test that the State Board of Education administers in many US states.

The EOC tests are designed to check a student’s understanding of a subject they are studying.

Typically taken by high-school students, pupils who take EOC tests can earn credit for core academic subjects, including math, English, math, social studies and science.

What Is the EOC Exam?

The EOC is a form of academic test administered by the State Board of Education in some US states.

Some states in the UK require students to sit an End of Court (EOC) test after completing a course at high school, while some states require middle school students to sit one or more EOC tests.

EOC test requirements vary between US states. For example, the state of Georgia tests students from the ninth through to twelfth grades.

In contrast, the state of Florida requires seventh-grade students to take an EOC test in Civics as part of the social studies curriculum.

The purpose of the EOC tests is to award credit for core subjects such as:

  • English
  • English composition
  • Math, science
  • Social studies
  • PE

A student’s results from the EOC tests will offer educators and parents insight into their understanding of the academic topic they are studying.

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How Does the EOC Test Contribute to Academic Achievement?

In most US states, EOCs form a small part of the end-of-course assessment score. For students in the 9th grade, the EOCs count towards 15% of the final grade.

For 10th, 11th and 12th grade students, the EOCs count toward 20% of the final grade.

The FSA Algebra 1 EOC test in Florida counts for 30% of a student’s final grade.

EOCs are not essential to passing a course. However, they often contribute significantly to a student’s final grade; therefore, preparing for the tests and studying well before the assessment date is important.

To be awarded credit for a class, students must achieve a grade of D or higher (including their EOC test result).

Practice Questions for the EOC Exam

Knowing what to expect when sitting an EOC test is vital to student success.

Here are a few examples of the questions students might be required to answer on an EOC test.

Algebra – Example Question EOC for Algebra 1

Example Question

Choose the best option to complete the statement or answer the question.

1. Abigail works in a shop. She has been tasked with helping her manager to boost sales by distributing leaflets in the local area.

Abigail is paid $50 per day, plus $0.10 for each leaflet she distributes. She wants to earn a minimum of $100 per day.

Which of the following options represents her situation, where x is the number of leaflets distributed?

a) 50 + 0.10x ≤ 100
b) 50 + 0.10x ≥ 100
c) 50 + 10x ≤ 100
d) 50 + 10x ≥ 100

Example Question

2. Edith has been offered two different job roles. Company A has offered her an annual salary of $90,000. Company B has offered her an annual salary of $76,000 plus a 2% annual commission on sales.

How many sales at Company B would she need to achieve for her overall salary to be higher than that being offered by Company A?

a) s > 200,000
b) s > 200,000
c) s > 400,000
d) s > 725,000

Example Question

3. Richard earns double his normal hourly rate for every hour he works in excess of 40 hours a week. His normal pay is p dollars per hour. Last week, Richard worked 49 hours and earned 696.

The following equation represents this situation, where p is Richard’s normal hourly pay in dollars per hour.

40p + 9(2p) = $696

What is Richard’s normal hourly pay rate?

a) $9
b) $10
c) $11
d) $12


Example Question

1. A heron that eats a frog, which has eaten a beetle that fed on a plant, is a:

a) First-level consumer
b) First-level producer
c) Third-level consumer
d) Second level producer

Example Question

2. Which of the following is NOT a threat to biodiversity?

a) Invasive species
b) Species preservation
c) Habitat fragmentation
d) Biological magnification of toxic compounds

EOC Test: Guide & Tips
EOC Test: Guide & Tips

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How to Prepare for the EOC Tests

Whether you are preparing to take the EOC tests or supporting your child with their studies, here are some ideas on what you can do in the days and weeks leading up to your assessment.

Step 1. Revise the Subject for the EOC Test

When it comes to EOC exam preparation, revisiting the subject matter that is likely to be included in the test is the best place to start.

To do this, you should review any textbooks and workbooks you have used throughout the academic year, noting the areas you feel the most and least confident in. This will lay the foundations for the rest of your preparation.

Once you have identified these key areas, create a study plan to help you manage your time effectively.

Step 2. Join Study Groups to Get Feedback and Revise

If your school or college offer dedicated study groups, be sure to sign up for a place. If not, consider setting up your own study groups with friends or school peers.

More brains are better than one, and working in a group could spark new ideas and discussions on the subject matter.

Also, if you missed a lecture or class, you can fill in the gaps by sharing notes and resources.

Step 3. Complete Online Practice Papers

This is one of the best ways to prepare for exams or assessments. Completing online practice papers helps you to become familiar with the format of the test and the type of questions you will need to answer.

You can also use practice papers to test your time management skills, working against the clock and under strict test conditions to simulate the real test environment.

You can find a variety of EOC practice papers online, including the Biology eoc test and other STAAR EOC tests, on the TestPrepOnline website.

Step 4. Ask for Support

If you are struggling with a particular topic, it is vital that you ask for help. Speak to your teacher or lecturer and see what they suggest. They may be able to offer you extra study support or point you in the direction of a tutor.

The most important thing here is that you speak up and let someone know that you are finding something difficult.

Step 5. Get Help from a Local or Online Tutor

Local or online tutors can offer tailored support to help you with your EOC exam preparation. You can find dedicated EOC tutors online, and they can provide high-quality one-to-one support and tuition.

They can also help you to access and complete mock EOC assessments.

Step 6. Take Care of Yourself

Looking after yourself during the exam preparation stages is key. This includes eating a healthy, balanced diet, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and promoting good sleeping habits.

Step 7. Take Time to Relax

Exam preparation is important, but it is always best not to overdo it. At the start of your preparation period, try setting up a study schedule with details of how long per day or week you intend to spend on exam revision.

Build in a little extra time to watch your favorite show, meet friends for dinner or take a walk. All these things will boost your mental health, helping you feel refreshed and ready to get back to studying.

Frequently Asked Questions

An EOC test is a type of academic assessment. The State Board of Education conducts EOC tests in many US states. EOC tests are computer-based and designed to measure student proficiency in a particular subject area.

Many students find EOC tests challenging. Part of the reason for this might be that teachers are only provided with an outline of possible test topics. They never see the actual EOCs, so it is impossible for them to match their teaching directly to the content of the test.

Another contributing factor is that they likely include questions on the subject matter taught early on in the academic year. This is one of the reasons that exam revision is so important.

EOC tests are taken by students who have completed a high school course. EOC tests are mandatory in some US states.

To stand the best chance of passing the EOC test, revision and preparation are vital. Activities such as revisiting textbooks and notes, joining study groups, completing practice papers and hiring a tutor are all good ways to improve your chances of passing the EOC test.

If you do not achieve a minimum D grade in an EOC test, you will likely be required to repeat the test until you achieve a D.

You will probably still progress to the next academic year, but in some cases, you might be required to retake the course. This all depends on the policy set out by your school and district.

Students should review all of their class notes from the school year. They should make a list of the areas they feel confident in and those that they find more difficult. After that, they should draw up a study plan to revisit those areas they do not feel confident with.

Students should also prioritize self-care in the days and weeks leading up to the test. This should include eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest.

The number of questions that you need to get right to pass an EOC test varies between subjects. Speak to your teacher or course tutor for more information.

Student EOC test scores are available in the Centralized Reporting System (CRS) immediately after submission. Students are shown a three-digit scale score on-screen after completing and submitting their test answers.

You can prepare for the EOC test in a few different ways. It is best to combine the different preparation methods with your revision schedule. This might include revising what you have already learned, reviewing the notes you made during the academic year, joining a study group, completing practice assessments and hiring a personal tutor.

You should also take care of your physical and mental health by eating a nutritious diet, staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest in the days leading up to the test.

EOC test results are presented as a raw score and a scale score. The raw score shows how many correct answers were given. The scale score indicates how well the student performed when compared with other similar students.

Performance standards are used to show whether the student has mastered the grade level, meets the grade level, approached the grade level or does not meet the grade level.

You can view your EOC test scores on the Centralized Reporting System (CRS) after you have completed and submitted the test.

The TestPrepOnline website offers a variety of resources to help you prepare for EOC tests.

Final Thoughts

The EOC test is taken by US students completing a course in one of the core subjects. These tests are administered by several US states. Test results contribute to the student’s final grade, so students must give their best performance on the test.

Detailed and ongoing preparation for the EOC tests is essential - students should avoid last-minute revision for these tests. Planning a comprehensive revision schedule and completing various practice assessments are some of the most effective ways to prepare for the EOC tests.


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