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University and Graduate Admissions Tests

University and Graduate Admissions Tests

If you are trying to secure a place on a professional or vocational course at a university or graduate school then you may need to take a standardized test.

These types of test have been used in the US for many years and their use has now spread to the UK, particularly for courses which are heavily oversubscribed; for example, medicine, law and dentistry.

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The most widely used tests are listed above, along with their acronym and the countries where the tests are used.

Many of the organisations that administer these tests maintain websites which offer information about the tests and practice questions may also be available.

If you think that you will need to take one of these standardized tests then you should check the prospectus of the university or graduate school that you are applying to confirm which test is being used.

You should then find out as much as possible about the test using the websites listed on this page.

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