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A Guide to the ATI TEAS Reading Test: Tips & Free Tests

A Guide to the ATI TEAS Reading Test: Tips & Free Tests

Updated November 20, 2023

By Hayley Ashworth
Hayley Ashworth

The ATI TEAS Reading Test is a test you need to pass to be accepted into some nursing programs.

It consists of 55 multiple-choice questions that measure your ability to read, analyze and interpret different types of passages, graphs, charts and information.

As there is no standardized passing score or retake process, it is essential that you take the time to prepare properly.

What Is the ATI TEAS Reading Test?

The ATI TEAS Reading Test is an aptitude test taken by those wanting to pursue a career in nursing or allied health.

The ATI TEAS 7 reading is one of four sections that have to be completed to secure admission into some nursing programs.

It consists of 55 multiple-choice questions and has a time limit of 55 minutes.

The skills measured include

  • Key ideas and details – 15 questions that ask you to summarize and draw conclusions, locate specific information, analyze and interpret information from graphs and charts, and interpret events in a sequence.
  • Craft and structure – Nine questions requiring you to evaluate the author’s purpose and point of view, distinguish between fact and opinion, and use context to interpret words and phrases.
  • Integration of knowledge and ideas – 15 questions designed to measure how well you evaluate arguments and data, compare and contrast, and use evidence to draw your own conclusions.

The material covered in the test is similar to that studied in grades 7 to 12.

Six of the questions are unscored, but you will not know which ones.

To get the best score possible and secure your place at your desired school, you should take the time to complete reading ATI TEAS test practice.

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When Is the ATI TEAS Reading Test Taken?

The ATI TEAS Reading Test is taken as an entrance test to nursing schools in the US.

As anyone can train as a nurse at any stage in their life, there is no maximum age requirement.

You will need to take your test before the school application deadline. Before choosing a date, ensure that you have the following:

  • Given yourself enough time for ATI TEAS reading test practice
  • Factored in potential retakes

ATI TEAS Reading Questions

Below is a selection of ATI TEAS reading questions to give you an idea of what to expect on the day of the test.

Before booking and taking your test, it is recommended that you complete a TEAS 7 reading practice test.

ATI TEAS Reading Practice Test Example Questions

Example Question

Read the passage below and answer the two questions below.

’Are you wanting to support your community through volunteer work, but have no idea where to start? One of the best ways to improve the future of your community is by spending time with the youth, offering tutoring and managing after-school clubs. So many schools in this area are under-funded, and our overtaxed teachers can only give so much, with so few resources. With our initial funding, we worked with educators to develop a program rich with information about how best to work with children and what areas they need the most support. Alternatively, if you are time-poor but still want to contribute, we are always accepting donations. We do receive government subsidies, but the more we have more freedom with the money donated by regular folks. These donations go towards buying materials and renting spaces for activities and sports. We are incredibly transparent about where your money goes, and hopefully, you have seen some of our initiatives that have been making a difference’.

1. What is one of the selling points for making a donation?

a) It’s tax deductible
b) The government matches all donations
c) The organizers can do more and have more options with regular donations
d) You’ll get receipts

2. Based on the passage, what does the word ‘overtaxed’ mean?

a) The teachers pay too much tax
b) The teachers are exhausted
c) The teachers are not qualified enough
d) The teachers don’t know what they are doing

Example Question

Consider the pie chart below that details how many students are actively participating in their classes at School A.

1. Out of the following, which course has the best student engagement?

a) European History
b) American Literature
c) American History
d) Chemistry

2. Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from the data in the chart above?

a) Most students do not take an active role in their classes
b) American-related subjects are the most popular
c) No students like geography-related subjects
d) The school system needs an overhaul

Example Question

Someone is reading a book about the military history of Japan. Where would they look if they wanted to find the last reference to Samurais?

a) The internet
b) The introduction
c) The index
d) The glossary

Example Question

Use the information below to put these siblings in order of youngest to oldest

Alaina is older than Katherine
Mike is older than Sam
Sam is younger than Alaina

a) Alaina, Katherine, Mike, Sam
b) Sam, Mike, Katherine, Alaina
c) Mike, Alaina, Sam, Katherine
d) Katherine, Same, Mike, Alaina

ATI TEAS Reading Test: Guide/Tips/Free Tests
ATI TEAS Reading Test: Guide/Tips/Free Tests

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Why Is It Important to Practice the ATI TEAS Reading Test

As Nurses are required to learn a lot of information and are responsible for people’s lives, the ATI TEAS Reading Test is particularly difficult to pass.

You only have a short amount of time to answer each question, and many past candidates have stated that it takes at least eight weeks of TEAS exam reading practice to pass.

The best ways to prepare for the TEAS reading test are to:

  • Complete ATI TEAS reading practice tests – Working through practice exams is the best way to prepare as it helps you understand the question format and time constraints.
  • Make reading a variety of publications a habit – Make it a daily occurrence to read and analyze different publications and texts. Not only will it help develop essential skills for the test, but it will also improve your concentration, information retention and cognitive thinking.
  • Work through a TEAS reading practice test under timed conditions – Start with no time limit, and as your confidence increases, add in time restrictions until you can complete all the questions in 55 minutes.
  • Improve your understanding of graphs and charts by completing numerical reasoning tests.
  • Make a study plan – There are four different tests that you need to pass. Create a study plan that gives you enough time to properly prepare all subjects.
  • Take care of yourself – Sacrificing your sleep and developing unhealthy eating habits will not help you pass the TEAS. When you create your schedule, ensure you include time to prepare and eat healthy foods, as well as get a full night’s sleep. Dehydration, fatigue and poor diet will only slow your thinking process and attention span.
  • Invest in an ATI TEAS test reading study guide if you think you need additional support

What Is the Passing Score for ATI TEAS Reading Test

There is no standardized passing score for the ATI TEAS. Instead, each school will establish its own minimum requirements.

It is also up to the individual school how much the test will cost and if/when you can retake any failed test. This is why it is strongly recommended you give yourself enough time for ATI TEAS 7 reading test practice and preparation.

Once you have completed all four tests, you will be issued with three scores.

  1. Total Score – For all four sections combined
  2. Content Area Scores – For each test section
  3. Sub-Content Area Scores – Breakdown of each sub-category

The Total Score and Content Area Scores are calculated using the percentage of correct answers and adjusted depending on the version, and questions answered.

Not all questions have the same weight, and the computer system will randomly assign those questions.

There is no negative scoring, and you will not know which questions hold more weight and which ones are not scored.

The Sub-Content Area Scores are calculated the same way but with no adjustments. Your scores will combine to make your ATI Academic Preparedness Level, which are:

  • Developmental – 0 to 40%
  • Basic – 40 to 58%
  • Proficient – 58 to 79%
  • Advanced – 80 to 91%
  • Exemplary – 91 to 100%

As a rule, schools often don’t take students who score lower than 65 to 75%, so you want to aim for 75% or higher when completing your ATI TEAS test.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ATI TEAS reading test is a test you need to pass to be accepted into some nursing programs.

It consists of 55 multiple-choice questions that measure your ability to read, analyze and interpret different types of passages, graphs, charts and information.

While the question level is similar to grades 7 to 12, the very short time limit makes it a challenge.

However, if you have given yourself enough time to prepare and complete practice tests, you should achieve a passing score.

You can prepare for the ATI TEAS reading test online.

There are many websites offering free and paid preparation packs and tests, such as TestPrep-Online.

Each school decides its own passing score. However, most schools typically don’t accept scores below 65 to 75%.

There are 55 questions on the TEAS reading test. Six of these are unscored and for research purposes only.

The ATI TEAS reading test is 55 minutes long.

The best way to ace the TEAS reading test is to complete as many practice questions and tests as possible.

As you become more familiar with the question format, start adding time limits until you can answer all questions in 55 minutes.

The best way to study for the TEAS reading test is to complete practice questions, work through practice tests under timed conditions, make reading a daily habit, create a study schedule and take care of your health and well-being.

The school you have applied to has its own policies regarding failure and retaking tests. You will need to confirm with admissions what the process is should you fail one or more of the TEAS.

The best sites for TEAS reading test preparation is TestPrep-Online.

Completing practice questions and working through practice tests under timed conditions will help you with the TEAS reading portion.

To improve your overall reading skills, you should also make reading various publications a daily habit.

The best way to improve your reading comprehension for the TEAS reading test is to make reading a daily habit.

Read different publications and writers to improve memory, vocabulary and cognitive skills.

When reading, analyze the text and identify any perspectives, points of view, facts and options.

Final Thoughts

Nursing is a highly competitive profession, and schools only have so many spaces. Before taking your test, invest in a study guide or work through free TEAS reading practice tests.

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