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A Guide to the ATI TEAS Math Test: with Tips & Free Tests

A Guide to the ATI TEAS Math Test: with Tips & Free Tests

The ATI TEAS math test is one of four entry tests for some nursing programs in the US.

It consists of 38 questions and has a 57-minute time limit.

Test areas include converting metric and standard units, solving equations, working through word problems, and solving percentages, ratios and fractions.

As places on these programs are limited, preparation is essential.

What Is the ATI TEAS Math Test?

The ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) math test is one of four sections required for entry into some nursing programs in the US.

The other three sections include:

The TEAS math exam consists of 38 questions and has a 57-minute time limit.

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What Is on the ATI TEAS Math Test?

The goal of the ATI TEAS Math Test is to identify those students capable of using mathematical concepts to solve problems as if they were already in their nursing role.

As such, the assessment areas are:

  • Numbers and Algebra – 16 questions requiring you to solve real-world problems involving ratios, proportions, percentages, equations, decimals and inequalities
  • Measurement and Data – 18 questions designed to assess your ability to interpret and evaluate data and information from charts and graphs, explain relationships, and convert standard and metric systems

A basic calculator will be given to you when you take your test.

While the question topics are the same level as high school, short time limits add an extra layer of difficulty. As such, it is essential that you prepare by completing ATI TEAS math practice tests.

TEAS Test Math Study Guide

Example ATI TEAS Math Questions

The following ATI TEAS math questions are designed to help familiarize you with the question format.

Example Question

Simplify the expression 3,456 – 78.

a) 3,370
b) 3,375
c) 3,378
d) 3,376

Example Question

’Sam can usually wrap six presents an hour. However, if he gets interrupted, needs to take a break, or runs out of materials, he can only make four. His friend Mila can wrap seven presents per hour.

’The week before Christmas, Sam and Mila have a competition to see who can wrap the most presents in three hours. During the competition, Sam gets distracted once every hour. Mila also had to take a break and run to the store for more supplies which took an hour.’

How many more presents did the winner wrap?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Example Question

If a motorbike travels 450 kilometers in four hours, how many does it travel in nine hours?

a) 1,000.5
b) 1,232.5
c) 1,112.5
d) 1,012.5

Example Question

How many cubic inches of water can this container hold?

Width – 15 inches
Length – 23 inches
Height – 18 inches

a) 3,240
b) 3,230
c) 3,340
d) 3,300

Example Question

If Jax left a $9.08 tip for a bill that came to $75.68. What percentage tip did he leave?

a) 10%
b) 12%
c) 15%
d) 18%

Example Question

If one kilolitre is equivalent to 220 imperial gallons, how many imperial gallons are there in 3,567 liters?

a) 785.65
b) 784.74
c) 7,000
d) 657.43

ATI TEAS Math Test: Guide/Tips/Free Tests
ATI TEAS Math Test: Guide/Tips/Free Tests

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How to Prepare for the ATI TEAS Math Test

As making quick calculations is essential for all nurses, the ATI TEAS 7 math test is particularly challenging, especially for those who are not confident in their mathematical skills.

Adding to the complexity of the questions is the short amount of time you have to calculate and answer.

As such, TEAS math test practice is essential if you hope to pass the first time.

Here are some ways you can prepare for the ATI TEAS math test:

Step 1. Complete ATI TEAS Math Practice Tests

There are lots of practice papers available online that you can work through to help familiarise yourself with the question formats. The more ATI TEAS math questions you complete, the more confident you will be.

Step 2. Review Online Videos About the ATI TEAS Math Test

There are numerous YouTube videos about taking the TEAS, including best practices and how to pass the math element.

Step 3. Revise the Concepts Covered in the Test

Use old school notes, high school revision packs online courses, TEAS test math study guide and numerical reasoning tests to help develop your math skills.

Step 4. Take at Least Eight Weeks to Prepare for the Test

Nursing is an incredible career, and you want to secure a place on the best program possible. Give yourself plenty of time to develop your skills and become confident with the test process.

Step 5. Create a Preparation Schedule

As you also have three other areas to study for, creating a study schedule that includes studies, practice tests, and time for yourself is the only way to ensure you have fully prepared.

Step 6. Complete Tests Under Timed Conditions

You have less than 90 seconds to spend on each question.

During your preparation, start completing TEAS math practice exams with no time limits.

As you become more confident and get a majority of your answers correct, begin adding time limits until you can answer all questions in 57 minutes.

Step 7. Take Care of Yourself

To perform your best, you need to be well-rested, eat healthily, hydrate, and get regular exercise.

Sacrificing your sleep and eating habits will only slow your thinking process and make it harder for you to concentrate.

What Is the Passing Score for the ATI TEAS Math Test?

There is no single passing score for the ATI TEAS math test. Instead, schools choose their own passing score, retake procedure and fees.

Places at these schools are also highly competitive. While it is recommended that you aim for 65 to 75%, the higher your score, the greater your chance of being accepted.

Your scorecard will have three scores and an ATI Academic Preparedness Level.

The scores will be generated once you have completed all four sections and include the following:

  • Total Score – For all four sections combined
  • Content Area Scores – For each test section
  • Sub-Content Area Scores – Breakdown of each sub-category

The Total Score and Content Area Scores are calculated using the percentage of correct answers and adjusted depending on the version, and questions answered.

Not all questions have the same weight, and the computer randomly assigns those questions.

You won’t be told if a question has more weight or if it is unscored.

There is also no negative scoring, so taking an educated guess is better than leaving the question blank.

The Sub-Content Area Scores are calculated the same way but with no adjustments.

Your scores will combine to make your ATI Academic Preparedness Level.

There are:

  • Developmental – 0–40%
  • Basic – 40–58%
  • Proficient – 58–79%
  • Advanced – 80–91%
  • Exemplary – 91–100%

Before registering for your test, confirm the following:

  • Any test fees
  • The location of the test
  • Procedure if you fail any of the section
  • The passing score

As each school is different, completing TEAS math prep is essential if you want to secure a place.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ATI TEAS math test is one of four entry tests for some nursing programs in the US. It consists of 38 questions and has a 57-minute time limit.

Test areas include converting metric and standard units, solving equations, working through word problems, and solving percentages, ratios and fractions.

If math is not your strongest subject, then the TEAS math test can be challenging. However, you can achieve a passing score with the right amount of preparation and practice.

The ATI TEAS math test covers most math subjects, including percentages, algebra, geometry, word problems, equations and conversions.

You can find sample questions for the TEAS math test at TestPrep-Online.

There is no standardized passing score for the math TEAS test. However, as a minimum, you want to achieve 70–75%.

The best place to study for the TEAS Math Test is online at TestPrep-Online.

You can pass the TEAS math test by creating a study schedule, working through example questions, completing tests under timed conditions and developing your math skills by reviewing high school notes and learning materials.

Yes, the ATI TEAS math test is 57 minutes long and has 38 questions.

There are 38 questions on the TEAS math test and a 57-minute time limit.

You will be given a calculator and, in some instances, scratch paper for your calculations.

You can improve your math TEAS score by taking the time to prepare properly.

Create a schedule that gives you enough time to take care of yourself, revise high school math concepts and complete practice questions and tests.

You can find full guides and example questions for the TEAS Math Test at TestPrep-Online.

Final Thoughts

The ATI TEAS math test is part of an entrance test taken by those looking to become nurses in the US.

The test can be challenging, but by working through a TEAS test math study guide and completing practice tests, you can improve your chances of achieving a score that will secure you a place in your desired school.