Question Types and Scoring

Whichever type of test you are given, the questions are almost always presented in multiple-choice format and have definite correct and incorrect answers. As you proceed through the test, the questions may become more difficult and you will usually find that there are more questions than you can comfortably complete in the time allowed. Very few people manage to finish these tests and the object is simply to give as many correct answers as you can.


Your score is then compared with the results of a control group which has taken the tests in the past. This control group could consist of other graduates, current job holders or a sample of the population as a whole. Your reasoning skills can then be assessed in relation to this control group and judgements made about your ability.

Sample Numerical Aptitude Test Questions

Identify the missing number at the end of the series.

1) 3, 11, 19, 27, ?

  • A) 33

  • B) 35

  • C) 37

  • D) 39

  • E) 41

2) 3, 6, 11, 18, ?

  • A) 24

  • B) 25

  • C) 26

  • D) 27

  • E) 28

3) 516, 497, 478, 459, ?

  • A) 436

  • B) 440

  • C) 438

  • D) 452

  • E) 442

4) 33, ?, 19, 12, 5

  • A) 31

  • B) 26

  • C) 29

  • D) 27

  • E) 24

5) 11, 19, ?, 41, 55

  • A) 31

  • B) 29

  • C) 26

  • D) 39

  • E) 34

6) 98, 94, ?, 70, 38

  • A) 89

  • B) 85

  • C) 86

  • D) 87

  • E) 88

7) Identify the missing number: 7&5, 4&6, 49&25, 16&?

  • A) 41

  • B) 36

  • C) 35

  • D) 18

  • E) 37

8) Identify the missing number: 4&35, 14&26, 11&73, 34&?

  • A) 51

  • B) 56

  • C) 45

  • D) 55

  • E) 52

9) It costs a manufacturer X dollars per component to make the first 1,000 components. All subsequent components cost X÷3 each. When X = $1.50 How much will it cost to manufacture 4,000 components?

  • A) $3,500

  • B) $3,000

  • C) $4,000

  • D) $3,250

  • E) $4,500

10) A train travelling at 60 mph enters a tunnel that is 5 miles long. The train is one mile long. How many minutes does it take for the whole train to pass through the tunnel?

  • A) 7

  • B) 4

  • C) 10

  • D) 5

  • E) 6

11) In the Shelbyville election, the Republican candidate received one and a half times as many votes as the Democrat candidate. The Democrat candidate received one third more votes than the Independent candidate. 900 votes were cast for the Independent candidate. How many votes were cast for the Republican candidate?

  • A) 900

  • B) 1,400

  • C) 1,600

  • D) 1,000

  • E) 1,800

12) Anna and John both drive to their new home 400 miles away. Anna drives the family car at an average speed of 60 mph. John drives the removal truck at an average speed of 50 mph. During the journey, Anna stops for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes, John stops for half as long. What is the difference in minutes between their arrival times?

  • A) 60

  • B) 55

  • C) 40

  • D) 90

  • E) 80

Answers to sample numerical aptitude test questions.

  • 1) B

  • 2) D

  • 3) B

  • 4) B

  • 5) B

  • 6) C

  • 7) B

  • 8) D

  • 9) B

  • 10) E

  • 11) E

  • 12) C

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Sample Verbal Aptitude Test Questions

Glaciers begin to form where snow remains year-round and enough of it accumulates to transform into ice. New layers of snow compress the previous layers and this compression forces the icy snow to re-crystallize, forming grains similar in size and shape to cane sugar. Gradually the grains grow larger and the air pockets between the grains get smaller, meaning that the snow slowly becomes more dense. After about two winters, the snow turns into firn, an intermediate state between snow and ice. Over time the larger ice crystals become more compressed and even denser, this is known as glacial ice. Glacial ice, because of its density and ice crystals, often takes a bluish or even green hue.

1) Glaciers cannot form where snow does not remain all year round.

  • A) true

  • B) false`

  • C) can't say

2) Firn is less dense than snow but more dense than ice.

  • A) true

  • B) false`

  • C) can't say

3) Glacial ice is always greenish or bluish in color.

  • A) true

  • B) false`

  • C) can't say

4) Snow falls every year in areas where glaciers form.

  • A) true

  • B) false`

  • C) can't say

5) The increase in density is caused by the grains becoming smaller.

  • A) true

  • B) false`

  • C) can't say

Answers to sample verbal aptitude questions

  • 1) A

  • 2) B

  • 3) B

  • 4) C

  • 5) B

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Sample Abstract Reasoning Test Questions

1) Which figure completes the statement?


Hint: Begin by comparing the top figures. Does each one contain the same number of elements? If so, does each contain the same elements? If so, the elements must have been moved in some way. This is usually done by reflection or rotation. Answer = C

2) Which figure completes the series?


Hint: Begin by looking for a relationship between the figures in the top row. If you think you have found one, then check that the same relationship holds for the second row. Answer = C 

3) Which figure completes the grid?


Hint: Check to see if each row and column contains one, and only one, of each shape. If not, then divide the grid horizontally and vertically. Are they reflections? If not, are individual rows related in some way? What about individual columns? If not, divide the grid into four groups of four squares? Is there a relationship between these groups? Answer = A

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Sample Spatial Aptitude Test Questions

1) Which group of shapes can be assembled to make the shape shown?


2) Which pattern can be folded to make the cube shown?


Answers to sample spatial ability questions 1) C      2) A

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Sample Mechanical Aptitude Test Questions

1. How much force is required to lift the weight?

  • A) 40lbs

  • B) 50lbs

  • C) 60lbs

  • D) 70lbs

Answer to sample mechanical aptitude question

  • 1) C

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You may be asked to answer the questions either on paper or using a PC or palm-top, as online testing is becoming increasingly popular. The advantage of online testing is that once the test is completed, an analysis of the results can be calculated straight away. This means that the organization can continue with the selection process with the results ‘in hand’ rather than keep you waiting or send you home and call you back in at a later date. Another advantage is that you can take the test at a recruitment agency or even in your own home. Online testing is particularly suitable for initial screening as it is very cost-effective.

Some of the advantages of online testing are:

  • Increased cost-savings - no printed material is needed.

  • Increased security - test data can be easily encrypted.

  • Increased speed - scoring and interpretation are done immediately.

  • Increased standardization – question presentation is uniform.

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