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A Detailed Guide to the Mettl Test: with Tips

A Detailed Guide to the Mettl Test: with Tips

The Mettl test is an assessment from Mercer – the world’s largest skills assessment provider.

It is used by recruiters to assess job candidates’ aptitude skills, competencies and personalities.

The test includes nine sections, including Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Abstract Reasoning and Decision Making.

This guide explains what the Mettl assessment test entails and gives practical advice to help you succeed.

What Is a Mettl Test?

Mettl tests are an assessment tool provided by Mercer Mettl. They are used by many organizations, including:

  • Starbucks
  • Uber
  • Toshiba
  • American Express
  • Pfizer

The test aims to help organizations measure the candidates’ competencies in various ways, including aptitude, personality and behaviors.

Numerous online assessments can be presented to candidates. We will explore the different types below.

When applying for a job, you may find that part of the application process is an aptitude test. These assessments are used to determine your qualities and skills concerning the job position.

Recruiters will use candidates’ test results to decide who is best suited to the role.

One aptitude test used in the job application process for many companies is a Mettl test.

This guide will explore what the test is and how you can prepare for it.

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The Types of Tests That Can be Applied by Mettl Assessment

There are several types of Mettl general aptitude tests that can be taken. The nine major Mettl online test sections and explanations are as follows.

  • Numerical Reasoning Test – This section tests your ability to perform arithmetic operations accurately and quickly
  • Data Interpretation Tests – In this section, questions will ask you to analyze numerical data, tables and graphs to discover trends/patterns
  • Verbal Ability Tests – This section assesses how you read, process and interpret information
  • Logical Reasoning Tests – Here, you will analyze the given information to draw a logical conclusion
  • Critical reasoning Tests – This section includes recognizing assumptions and evaluating arguments
  • Abstract Reasoning Tests – In this section, you will make a generalization and detect relationships
  • Spatial Reasoning Tests – Here you will visualize and manipulate 2D or 3D figures
  • Visual Reasoning Tests – During this section, you will seek details and detect errors
  • Decision-Making Tests – This section asks you to provide solutions to tackle a given scenario

Example Mettl Test Practice Questions

Now you know the names of the sections on the Mettl personality profiler, you can use the example questions below to practice the assessment.

Numerical Reasoning Example Questions

Example Question

1. What is the next number in the below sequence?

9, 12, 14, 12, 19, 12, ___

a) 13
b) 24
c) 31
d) 42

Example Question

2. When on her jog around the park, Monica ran at a rate of 6 mph for 10 minutes and then walked at a rate of 3 mph for 20 minutes.

Which of the following is Monica’s average rate, in miles per hour, at which she moved over the 30 minutes?

a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

Data Interpretation Example Questions

Example Question

1. The school has four classes of 6th grade students, as detailed in the table below.

a) How many students are in Grade 6?

Student Birth Season Number of Students in Grade 6
Class A Class B Class C Class D
Spring 12 16 13 14
Summer 8 2 9 10
Autumn 7 11 3 8
Winter 12 13 15 9

a) 106
b) 149
c) 160
d) 199

Example Question

1b. Refer to the chart in question 1a. What percentage of Class C students were born in the autumn and winter months?

a) 30%
b) 45%
c) 50%
d) 75%

Verbal Ability Example Questions

Example Question

1. Which of these words are an antonym for the word 'Hypocrisy'?

a) Falseness
b) Deceit
c) Honesty
d) Duplicity

Example Question

2. Which of the following words is the correct preposition in this sentence?

Bob lived _______ their expectations

a) on
b) in
c) at
d) up to

Logical Reasoning Example Questions

Example Question

1. Which of the following words is the odd one out?

a) Leaf
b) Track
c) Seed
d) Trunk
e) Branch

Critical Reasoning Example Questions

Example Question

1. ’A lot of offices are located in buildings with two to 10 floors. If a building has more than four floors, it has a lift.’

If the above statements are true, which of the following must also be true?

a) 3rd floors do not have lifts
b) 8th floors have lifts
c) Only floors above the 4th level have lifts
d) All floors can be reached via lifts

Abstract Reasoning Example Questions

Example Question

1. Which figure completes the sequence?

Example Question

2. Which of these is the odd one out?

Mettl Test: Detailed Guide with Tips
Mettl Test: Detailed Guide with Tips

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Spatial Reasoning Example Questions

Example Question

1. Which of these figures is identical to shape X?

Example Question

2. Choose the odd one out

Visual Reasoning Example Questions

Example Question

1. In the below figure, how many pupils can study only two subjects?

a) 14
b) 23
c) 12
d) 39

Decision-Making Example Questions

Example Question

1. You have a big project due next month. When should you start working on it?

a) Start researching the topic now and do a little bit of work each day until it is due
b) Start the project a week before the due date
c) Start two weeks before the due date
d) Copy a project from the internet and submit it as your own

How to Prepare for the Mettl Online Assessment

There are numerous ways that candidates can prepare for the Mettle test.

Here are some of the things that can help set you up for success.

Step 1. Find Out Which Mettl Test You Will Be Taking

You must identify the exact Mettl exam that is due to be taken. Numerous tests can be taken, so you need to know which one it is.

Some companies might not tell you this in the original invitation, so ensure you contact them to find out.

Once you know which test you are taking, you can start revising the subjects and practicing with mock exams.

Step 2. Practice

When you know which test you are taking, then you should take a Mettl practice test to ensure that you have a good understanding of the type of questions, style and more.

Step 3. Revise the Test Content

This is why knowing which test you will be taking is so important—so you can focus your revision on the topics that will come up on the test.

Step 4. Prioritise Your Wellbeing in the Lead up to the Test

The period before taking a test can be very stressful and includes much study and revision.

Ensure you are looking after yourself so you are in good health for the test.

You should get plenty of sleep and rest and remain well-nourished and hydrated.

Tips for Succeeding at the Mettl Aptitude Test

As well as the preparation tips above, numerous other helpful pieces of advice can help you succeed in the Mettl online exam.

Have a Handheld Calculator in Addition to a Pen and Paper

You will not be allowed to take a phone into the test, so you should buy or borrow a handheld calculator to use.

This can be very helpful for calculating large sums and working out equations.

Attempt to Answer Every Question

Even if you are unsure of the answer to some questions, it is better to guess an answer than to leave questions unanswered.

The scoring of the Mettl exam is based on correct answers. There is no score penalty for incorrect answers, so you have nothing to lose by submitting a guess.

Don’t Rush the Test

You should take some time to make sure you are happy with your answers. Candidates can revise answers as long as they don’t click on the ‘Submit Test’ button.

Choose the Best Time for You

You should pick a test time that best suits you. If you are an early riser, a morning assessment might be ideal for you.

However, if it takes you a while to properly wake up, schedule the test for later in the day.

The test is usually taken remotely, so there is a good amount of flexibility for candidates to choose a suitable time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can succeed at the Mettl test by following our tips above.

We recommend you do plenty of practice and look after your well-being by prioritizing sleep, nutrition, and hydration.

The Mettl test is an assessment tool that is provided by Mercer Mettl to help organizations measure the competencies of the candidates in various ways, including aptitude, personality and behaviors.

We have provided a selection of Mettl test questions in this guide.

The Mettl test is taken remotely and includes nine major sections. There are numerous types of tests given to candidates, so you should find out which one you will be taking.

Mettl is a very good organization at detecting cheating, so attempting to cheat is not recommended.

They use advanced mechanisms to detect cheating, such as monitoring through web and audio and recording your screen.

Cheating on the test will likely result in you being caught, ruining your job application.

You can give yourself the best chance of passing the Mettl test by doing plenty of Mettl aptitude test practice with past papers and example questions.

To prepare for the Mettl test, you should revise the sections you will be tested on. You should also take care of your wellbeing to ensure you are at your best.

Visit JobTestPrep for more example questions.

There may be web, audio and screen recordings to prevent cheating when you take the Mettl test.

Mettl uses advanced mechanisms to detect cheating. These methods include monitoring you through web and audio and recording your screen.

You are allowed to use a handheld calculator in the Mettl test. This is recommended for doing calculations.

If you do not pass the Mettl test, your job application will end there. You mustn’t rush taking the test and reviewing your answers before pressing submit.

We have provided a complete guide to the Mettl test in this article. You can also visit JobTestPrep for prep guides and more example questions.

Final Thoughts

The Mettl test is a set of tests that are used by employers to test the skills of employees.

Practice is vital for success, so ensure you do lots of revision and mock tests.

Good luck!

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