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If you’ve just heard that you are taking part in an Assessment or Development Center then by buying our Assessment Center eBook gives you 374 pages explaining about each exercise and the best ways to prepare, is a must.

This unique eBook tells you what to expect during your day at an Assessment center, giving three worked through examples for someone seeking an administrative, management or strategic role. It presents a simple 10-step preparation guide to help ensure your success.

It offers you exceptional value and explains the:

  • Importance of understanding competencies and their associated behaviors.

  • Shows how KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes) measure your behavior.

  • Role of the assessors & what that means for you.

  • Format and purpose of the exercises:

    • In-tray & Role play

    • Group work & Presentations

    • Panel & Competency-based Interviews

    • Media interview & Social event

You also receive 82 example aptitude test questions on numerical, verbal, abstract and spatial reasoning tests.

The knowledge you gain from this extraordinary eBook will ensure that you are fully prepared for the day. You will also illustrate that you possess the role’s required competencies through your KSA’s as you perform the exercises.

This ensures that you maximize your score demonstrating that you are the best candidate for the role and organization.

‘Preparing For The Assessment Centre’ is an extensive, exhaustive guide that is completely dedicated to helping you prepare for the process of evaluation that more and more leading organizations are implementing among applicants for positions within their business. As the modern business world becomes more and more competitive, companies are looking to hire only the most qualified individuals possible… which is exactly why many businesses, groups, and organizations are beginning to ‘assess’ not only applicants for entry-level positions, but also individuals within the organization to deem them worthy (or less than worthy) for promotion to particular levels of management. This process can range from a simple half-day of testing to a grueling two day exam, during which you will be tested on a WIDE and ASSORTED array of different subjects and activities.

In all honesty, you will find a decent amount of information about these assessments in other training materials… but what you will be HARD PRESSED to find ANYWHERE ELSE is a guide that prepares you for ANY possible testing situation. If you are going to be ‘assessed’ by your organization or human resources prior to receiving a job or a promotion, than it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for you to read this ebook! This book is absolutely CRAMMED with information that you MUST KNOW if you really want to score amazing results with the company while applying for your next job.

Can This Ebook Really Help Me?

Unbelievably, a lot of people go into these assessments armed only with the knowledge in their heads and the experience under their belts… but real-world experience alone is NOT ENOUGH to prepare you for every possibility! These organizations are looking for truly exceptional individuals… individuals who can score HIGH numbers on assessments that incorporate a wide range of challenges.

If you are not ready for the assessment process, than a poor test performance could very well DIMINISH or RUIN your chance for advancement. Even worse, the position may go to someone less qualified than you… only because they got lucky and scored in the ‘average’ range… a range that you could have EASILY left in the dust had you been ready with the training materials provided in this ebook!

This ebook will do what few other resources can boast… it will prepare you for every possibility. You will not only learn how to prepare for written assessments and tests, but will become well-trained and prepared when it comes to…

  • Presentations

  • Role Plays

  • Group Discussions

  • Problem Solving Exercises

  • Media Interviews

  • Competency Based Interviews

  • And Even Social Events!

If you were going to own just ONE ebook to help you get the job of your dreams, than this would be the one! This book contains all of the tools that you will need to ‘play the game’ the way that they want you to play it. If you want to stand out, appear professional, and show potential employers and organizations that you are the PERFECT candidate for the job, than this is an ebook that you MUST own!

Packed with 350 pages of information, this ebook will cover a wide range of subjects. These subjects will include…

  • Understanding what an assessment centre is

  • What type of companies utilize it

  • The four types of assessment centres that you may encounter, and how handle all of them

  • What format to expect for different tests

  • An explanation of what employers really see in competencies and behaviors, and how to embody EXACTLY what they want to see in a candidate

  • Assessment preparation

  • An exhaustive array of information on the various types of tests, activities, and challenges that you may face

  • How to pass these tests with flying colors, and to deliver a performance that ANY organization will be thrilled with

If you need to equip yourself with the tools necessary to land the job of your dreams, than this is DEFINITELY the ebook for you!



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These eBooks are only available from this website. Payment is by credit card, enabling you to download them without delay.


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