Uber Driver Requirements and How to Become One
Uber Driver Requirements and How to Become One

Uber Driver Requirements and How to Become One

What Is Uber?

Uber is a company that offers a traditional service with a modern angle.

It is a taxi service where the drivers get their passengers where they need to be. However, unlike other taxi companies, all bookings are completed through an app.

Passengers request a booking on the app, and the request is sent to all available Uber drivers in the relevant location.

The drivers then need to confirm they can do the booking, and this is done on a first-come, first-booked service. Whichever driver confirms first is the one who gets the job.

It can be very competitive between the drivers to ensure they get the jobs in their area, but there generally seems to be enough jobs for all.

Once the journey is completed, the passenger automatically pays through the app and the driver gets paid for all journeys that they do.

It is a very successful company, with millions using the app all over the world.

There are many benefits to driving for Uber, which you will learn about in more detail in this article. You will also learn how to become an Uber driver and get an insight into the requirements needed.

Can Anyone Become an Uber Driver?

If you have a car and decide that you’d like to become an Uber driver, it is a straightforward process to apply.

Uber invites almost anyone to work for it, and there are often many opportunities in this ever-expanding business.

However, there are some requirements that need to be met to become an Uber driver.

What Are the Uber Driver Requirements?

This section looks at Uber driver requirements for employees.

First, you must of course be of the legal driving age required in the state you will be working in and have a valid driver’s license.

On the same note, drivers must have at least one year’s driving experience in the US and three year’s driving experience if they are under 23.

Uber drivers also need to use a four-door car for the job, which also meets all the state and Uber requirements.

These requirements can be found on the Uber website and Uber will notify you at the time of the application of these requirements.

The driver will also need to provide proof of car registration, car insurance and tax for the car they will be using (if they own it). A driver profile photo will need to be taken and uploaded to your Uber page.

You can also rent a vehicle through Uber, which you can use when you’re driving for the company. To learn how to become an Uber driver without a car, visit its website.

You will also need to ensure you can prove you are a US resident and provide evidence of the state or city you live in.

Uber requires drivers to pass a criminal background check.

Finally, some cities, such as New York, require Uber drivers to possess a business license.

Considerations for Working With Uber

Once you have realized what the Uber driver requirements are, it is time to think about if working for the company is something that would suit you.

Below are some points to think about before applying to become an Uber driver.

Flexible Working

Uber drivers can work as little or as much as they want to, and can work their schedule around their other commitments in life. It is a 24-hour business, so the hours are up to you.

It may be that, at first, you don’t earn as much as you need to, but once you’re on the road for a while and get to grips with how it all works, you’ll become quicker and therefore earn more.

Uber Driver Requirements and How To Become One – A Complete Career Guide
Uber Driver Requirements and How To Become One – A Complete Career Guide

Taxes and Expenses

As Uber drivers are classed as independent subcontractors, they need to pay their own taxes and are also not entitled to overtime pay or benefits such as holiday or sick pay.

However, the advantage here is that expenses can be taken off when an employee is completing their tax returns. For example, drivers can claim back fuel, car repair and road toll fees.

Cars get wear and tear, especially when used a lot. Also with multiple passengers, the car gets stains, dirt and spills. This all costs the driver money, as Uber only covers some expenses.

Though you can claim these expenses back when you put your tax return in, you need to think about the costs of these upfront when planning your week-to-week wages.

Uber provides commercial insurance to cover the car when it is being used for work, as personal policies are not valid when the vehicle is on work journeys. This is a great benefit and a relief to many drivers.

Being Safe

Many people are put off from this type of work due to the unknown of picking up strangers, especially late at night. This is something to seriously consider.

However, Uber has policies in place, such as drivers being able to rate customers. If the passenger is aggressive or threatening, then the driver can warn their colleagues.

Also, drivers can turn their tracking off (when the Uber app is properly turned off), which helps with safety concerns.

How to Become an Uber Driver

Once you have looked at all the requirements and assessed the advantages and disadvantages of working for Uber, it is time to become an Uber driver. The process is straightforward and takes up to two weeks before you are allowed to start driving for Uber.

One thing you will need to decide is which service you want to provide. For instance, will it be basic transportation or a top-of-the-range experience? Uber provides different services to its customers.

Then, you need to log on to uber.com or download and open the app and complete the Uber driver application form. This is also where you upload all those requested documents.

Next, Uber will ask you to approve a background check to take place on your behalf. This can take up to 10 days to be completed, so you will need to wait until you are notified that the check has been completed and that you passed it.

Once the background check is complete and Uber has approved your application, it is time to enable driver mode on the Uber app. There is also an Uber driver app you can use.

It is recommended to practice using the app as much as you can, read all the hints and tips on the app and online, and try to talk to other drivers for advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

To become an Uber driver, applicants need to ensure they meet all the Uber requirements, which they can find on the Uber website.

Once they have all the required documentation, applicants need to go on to the website and fill the application form out.

They will also need to give consent for a background screening.

Once this has all been completed, the applicant can enable driver mode on the app.

Depending on where you live, you may need to fill in an Uber inspection form too.

In the US, drivers need to be the legal driving age of the state they will be working in.

They also need to have at least one year’s experience driving in the US.

If the driver is under 23, they need to have at least three years’ driving experience.

Becoming an Uber driver normally takes a few weeks. This leaves time for the applicant to gather all the documentation that is required.

It also allows for the 10 days it can take for the background check to be completed.

Uber is all operated through a digital app. A customer logs in to say where they need to go and where they are located right now.

Drivers in that area then accept the job if they have the availability. Payment is then received automatically online.

To become an Uber driver in New York, applicants need to meet all the requirements set by Uber.

They then need to apply online by completing the form and consenting to the background check.

In New York, Uber drivers also need a business license, which they can apply for.

Final Thoughts

Uber is a revolutionary company in taxi driving for both the driver and passenger, and many people want to work for them.

As it is an ever-expanding company, Uber offers plenty of opportunities to work as one of its drivers. The company accepts nearly everyone to work for it, provided that they meet all the requirements set by Uber and the relevant U.S. states that the driver works in.

Drivers are classed as independent subcontractors, but Uber is supportive in terms of helping with insurance and some expenses.

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