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UPS Careers: Hiring Process/Employment/Job Application/Jobs

UPS Careers: Hiring Process/Employment/Job Application/Jobs

UPS careers are rewarding and challenging. The UPS hiring process includes an online job application, an on-site or telephone interview, and workplace orientation before starting your new job.

Getting familiar with the UPS careers system helps you navigate the job application without stress.

Landing a job at United Parcel Service (or UPS) can be a dream come true. As one of the world’s most recognizable companies, it offers opportunities for a long-term career or as a temporary stepping stone to something else.

This guide will review the hiring process at UPS and provide tips on writing your job application. You will also find information about the interview and advice on how to pass it in style.

What Is UPS?

UPS is one of the world’s largest package delivery companies. It also provides supply chain management solutions globally, having one of the largest airlines in the world.

The company’s roots go back to 1907, when two teenage entrepreneurs launched the delivery service. The company has since grown to a worldwide business, with a total revenue of $100.3 billion in 2022.

Due to its large size, the company offers numerous seasonal, part time and full time positions.

Its most popular jobs include:

  • Delivery drivers
  • Package handlers
  • Warehouse manufacturers and management
  • Logistics personnel
  • Administrative and customer service roles
  • Information technology (IT) and engineering
  • Sales and marketing
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resources
  • Pilots and aircraft maintenance
  • Legal and compliance

While the company’s headquarters are in the US, it is possible to find UPS jobs worldwide. It advertises its open roles on the official UPS website.

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Seasonal UPS Jobs

UPS offers seasonal jobs to meet the increased demand for package delivery services during busy periods, such as the holiday season.

Seasonal positions are temporary and typically last for a specific duration, often ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

These jobs can be a great opportunity for individuals looking for temporary employment or extra income during peak shipping periods.

The majority of seasonal jobs are focused on package sorting, handling and delivery.

  • Package Handlers – Seasonal package handlers work in UPS facilities and are responsible for sorting and loading packages onto delivery vehicles. This role often involves physical tasks and may require lifting and moving packages of various weights.
  • Delivery Drivers – Seasonal delivery drivers are responsible for delivering packages to customers' homes or businesses. They may drive delivery trucks or assist the regular UPS drivers as driver helpers.
  • Driver Helpers – Driver helpers accompany the regular UPS drivers during their delivery routes and assist in delivering packages to customers. This role may involve walking, climbing stairs, and carrying packages.

UPS may hire seasonal customer service representatives to handle inquiries, track packages and provide support to customers during the busy season.

Seasonal jobs at UPS often offer flexible working hours to accommodate varying schedules and peak demand.

UPS provides training to seasonal employees to ensure they understand their roles and can perform their tasks efficiently and safely.

Some seasonal workers may have the opportunity to be considered for permanent positions within UPS based on their performance during the seasonal period.

During peak seasons, UPS advertises their seasonal job openings on its official website and job search platforms. Interested candidates can apply online and go through the hiring process, which may include interviews and the Pymetrics assessment.

UPS seasonal jobs are open to a wide range of candidates, including students, retirees and individuals seeking temporary work.

The UPS Hiring Process

The UPS hiring process has four main steps. The process can differ slightly depending on the roles you’re applying for.

Here, you can find the breakdown of the four most common steps and information on specific differences.


You first have to look for available UPS openings. Check the careers page on the UPS website, where you can browse jobs based on location or job type. You can even find jobs based on specific skills.

When viewing the jobs, you can then submit an application for that particular role.

If you don’t find a role you like, you can sign up for job alerts. The system will send you an email or text when a suitable job becomes available.

Typically you’ll find the most open positions in the fall. UPS part time jobs are in high demand before the winter holiday season. However, you can find job positions all year round.

UPS only accepts online applications. You can apply directly once you find a job you’re interested in. To start your UPS job application, enter your social security number and set up a personal passcode for the account.

Some applications require you to participate in the UPS Knowledge Assessment (UKA). The assessment consists of multiple-choice questions covering a variety of topics.

These include questions regarding:

  • Shipping regulations
  • Customer service
  • Safety rules

You can find sample questions online.

Remember to use a current email and telephone number in your application. The recruitment team will review your application and contact you through one of these methods if your application is successful.

The application asks for information regarding your past employment, skills, and education. It might also have other questions about the position; you can also upload a resume.

The UPS jobs hiring window is open for 60 days. After this, you must submit a new application.

For some warehouse worker and package handler roles, an online application could be all you need to do.

Depending on your application, UPS might offer you a job in less than 25 minutes of sending in the application, especially for the UPS part time jobs. Applying for driver helper roles is similarly fast and straightforward.

A Telephone Call

If your application is successful, a member of the UPS recruitment team will contact you. They typically call or email you to arrange an interview.

The interview can be an in-person or phone interview. The recruitment team will assist you with any information about the interview. This includes things such as the dress code for the interview.

Once you’ve agreed on a date and time for the interview, you can see this on your UPS account.

Log into the website at the candidate section. You will be able to view the interview location and time there. You can also contact the recruiter if anything comes up regarding the interview.

During this call, you may also be asked to provide further information. For example, if you’re applying for the role of a seasonal personal vehicle driver, then you need to submit photos of your vehicle for inspection.

Other UPS remote jobs have similar inspection requirements.

Pymetrics Assessment

UPS Pymetrics assessment is a cognitive and emotional assessment tool used by UPS as part of its hiring process.

Pymetrics is a company that specializes in creating neuroscience-based games that assess various cognitive and emotional traits of job applicants.

UPS uses Pymetrics games to gain insights into candidates' aptitudes and personalities, helping them make more data-driven and objective hiring decisions.

The Pymetrics assessment is designed to evaluate qualities such as:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Problem-solving
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Other cognitive and emotional attributes relevant to job performance

Instead of traditional question-and-answer assessments, Pymetrics uses game-like exercises that engage candidates and provide a more comprehensive understanding of their cognitive capabilities and behavioral tendencies.

The games are often presented as fun and interactive exercises, which help UPS identify candidates who possess the traits and skills necessary for success in specific roles within the company.

The goal is to match candidates' attributes with the requirements of the job and the company's culture, promoting a more effective and efficient hiring process.

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Interview and Tour

Sometimes, the interview stage will include a tour of the facilities. UPS doesn’t have a set interview process, and some facilities conduct the interview before the tour. In contrast, others do it the other way around.

Certain jobs may also ask you to try or showcase how you would handle the job.

You must provide a government-issued picture ID and a social security card when attending a UPS location for a tour or job interview.

The interview will be conducted by a member of the HR resource team or a supervisor. In some cases, you will have them both at the interview.

UPS Employment Orientation

After a successful interview and tour, you must wait for the recruitment team's response. They will contact you with a job offer if your application has been successful. You’ll then undergo orientation to get your bearings on the UPS onboarding process.

The orientation typically takes up to five hours.

A member of the HR team conducts it in a classroom setting. All the new hires will be attending the same session. You’ll hear from the HR team and watch some instructional videos.

You’ll also need to finish any paperwork you still haven’t done at this stage. These include any documents you need to provide or personal information.

The orientation for UPS jobs is also the place to hear more about your work and schedule.

What to Expect During the UPS Hiring Process

The UPS hiring process isn’t the most complex. However, there are things to be aware of throughout it.

Successful candidates will go through a background check. This is to ensure you don’t have a criminal record. You will also need to take a drug test. Failure to pass either of these will result in removing your job offer.

You should also know that some interviews might be in a group setting. During these, the HR team will outline job duties and company expectations before asking each candidate to answer a few questions. You will be informed before whether your interview and orientation involve these.

What Questions Are Asked?

UPS interview examples are a great way to prepare for the hiring process. Some questions are universal regardless of the role you’re applying for, while others are specific to the position in question.

Most questions will center around physical abilities and past achievements. Common interview examples include:

  • Do you have any previous experience in shipping and handling?
  • What do you know about UPS?
  • How would you manage stress in a demanding job like this?
  • How much can you lift?
  • Are you physically able to carry out assigned duties?
  • What sports did you play at school?

These are typical, no matter the role you’ve applied for. The HR manager will also ask other job-specific questions that ensure suitability for the role.

Using the STAR Method to Answer Questions

When answering interview or job application questions, including an example from your real life will help.

You should familiarize yourself with the STAR method. The acronym stands for:

  • SITUATION: Setting the scene and detailing your example
  • TASK: Describing your role and responsibility in the situation
  • ACTION: Explaining what steps you took to deal with the situation
  • RESULT: Sharing the outcomes of those actions

The STAR method works exceptionally well in behavioral interview questions UPS will ask.

These tend to refer to past events outright in the question. Consider questions like ‘Tell me about a time…’ or ‘Describe a situation…’

But you can use similar methods in forward-looking questions, too. If the interviewer asks why you’re interested in UPS store careers, you can describe your desire through the STAR method.

First, you explain your current situation, then describe what you expect to get from the job, and move on to explain what you want to do and achieve in the role. You can finish with an example of what you think you’ll get from the position and why.

UPS Careers: Hiring Process/Employment/Job Application/Jobs/Assessment
UPS Careers: Hiring Process/Employment/Job Application/Jobs/Assessment

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Tips for the Hiring Process

Understanding the process for landing UPS employment is a great way to start preparing. Here are a few more tips to help you throughout the process.

Step 1. Be Professional

Professionalism throughout the process can open a lot more doors. You can show professionalism when applying by answering all the questions and ensuring you spell things correctly.

Your UPS job application doesn’t need to be humorous or overly creative. Stick to being informative and factual.

During the call and interviews, you must act professionally. This means being polite to people you meet, greeting everyone, and confidently introducing yourself.

You want to understand the setting – knowing you’re there to apply for a role, not bash around and insult the people working there. Speak clearly and respectfully. Talk like you would with future colleagues, not your old-time friends.

Step 2. Follow the Dress Code

Aside from acting professionally, you also want to look the part on the day. Don’t show up with messy hair and dirty clothes. You want to be dressed smart, clean and tidy.

Knowing the proper dress code can seem daunting. But when you’re applying for warehouse or driver roles, you can keep it simple. Clean trousers or jeans with a collared shirt or blouse work well. For managerial roles, you can dress a bit fancier, adding a jacket to your ensemble.

The main thing about dressing up is checking if the invitation to the interview mentions anything specific and following that guidance. If not, then ensure your clothes are ironed and clean.

Remember to dress well, even if your interview is a phone or video interview. Professional clothing can give you confidence and help you feel better during the interview.

Step 3. Check the Location

If you’re attending a tour or an on-site interview, make sure to know where the event takes place. You don’t want to show up late or have to rush around.

The panic of not finding the place can ruin your confidence and make you fail the interview. If you can, check how long the journey to the site would take you and familiarize yourself with the route.

Step 4. Look Fit and Healthy on the Day

Your UPS interview can cause nervousness and even anxiety. Don’t forget to look after your health before the interview. You don’t want to show up sick or look like you haven’t slept for a month.

Exercise and eat well leading up to the interview. Good nutrition will give you more energy and clarity.

The assessment and interview days can be long, so you want to have the strength to stay alert throughout.

You need to be healthy and fit enough to get through the workday, so you want to be fit enough to make it to the end of the interview.

Get a good night’s sleep the day before. If you're tired, you might make many more mistakes, so sleep is vital for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Landing a seasonal job at UPS is easiest in the fall. The winter holiday is the busiest, and hiring for these part time jobs typically begins in the early fall or late summer. You can find UPS seasonal and part time jobs all year.

You have to be 18 years old to work at UPS. The minimum age for a driver or a package-handler job is 21. You can see age restrictions in the job posting.

You need to first apply online. A UPS hiring manager will review the application and contact you about the role. UPS drivers don’t typically have to take part in a formal job interview.

The UPS hiring process can be as fast as half an hour or take a few weeks or months to complete. It depends on the role and your qualifications. Warehouse and seasonal roles are often filled the quickest. Managerial positions can take longer to process.

You can find contact details on the UPS website and your applicant page. Please be polite and professional when talking to hiring managers.

UPS drug tests are mandatory for certain positions, such as drivers and pilots. The requirements vary by both location and position. UPS also reserves the right to perform random drug screenings during employment.

UPS is a global company that has several operations ongoing at all times. The company’s staff needs vary a lot depending on many things, so it frequently has open job positions.

The best place to apply for a UPS job is online. You can find open UPS job positions on its official careers website.

The average salary depends on the job position. Warehouse operators and drivers make between $17 and $20 per hour. Managerial positions can earn over $100,000 a year.

The average UPS seasonal driver helper can earn around $17 per hour. The earnings can be lower or higher depending on the location and the nature of the seasonal role.

UPS offers many different types of jobs. The highest-paid jobs include managers, but many also like to work in administrative or clerical roles. It all depends on your skills and career goals.

You can earn a living at UPS. The company has a positive reputation, and you can enjoy other work benefits along with your salary.

Final Thoughts

Finding UPS careers isn’t the most challenging. The hiring process is relatively simple, and you can find all types of roles from this popular employer. The company has many positions available year round, with UPS seasonal jobs being particularly popular and in high demand.

By preparing well for the interview process, practicing some of the common interview questions, and having a lot of energy to perform in the role, you can guarantee a job at UPS.

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