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Jobscan: A Review

Jobscan: A Review

Updated June 17, 2022

Applying for a job can be a stressful process, whether it’s your first time or your hundredth.

Sending your resume off to multiple employers at the same time can sometimes hinder your application.

We all know that each application should have a tailor-made resume and letter, but that takes time. Each vacancy will require specific skills, competencies and personality traits.

Sometimes it takes an external eye to refine your resume for jobs that you’re particularly keen to get an interview for. That’s why technology like Jobscan has been invented.

This Jobscan review looks what Jobscan is, its positives and negatives and information on how best to use it.

What Is Jobscan?

Jobscan is a resume optimization program – think of it as tailoring your resume for each vacancy you apply for, but Jobscan does the grunt work so your editing will be much quicker.

It analyzes your resume against your chosen job and gives it a percentage showing how well it matches the skills and experience in the job description.

It will highlight the areas you need to include in your application, as well as those that you might currently have missed off.

If you don’t have a ready-made resume to hand, or want to start a new one, it offers templates for both resumes and cover letters to ensure you are making the most of your time when applying for roles.

What Services Does Jobscan Offer?

While Jobscan has been designed to optimize your resume, it can help you to build one from scratch if you don’t have one, because you’ve been out of work for a while, been at a job for many years or have had jobs across multiple industries.

It can also help you with your cover letter and your LinkedIn profile. This is important, as more and more employers are looking to LinkedIn to whittle down to their shortlist.

Most larger companies, such as Fortune 500 companies, use application tracking systems (ATS) to choose which candidates to interview and which to decline. This HR software is basically a giant database that picks up those applications that fit the criteria.

Because Jobscan uses its technology to alter your resume for every job you apply for, it will highlight any keywords required, as well as the skills needed for the role.

It can also pick out those attributes that have been more subtly alluded to in the job advert.

What Does Each Plan Offer?

Jobscan has two plans: free and paid for.

On the free plan, you get limited access to the program every month, whereas the paid plan offers unlimited access to all features.

The paid option is definitely a premium product. However, there is a two-week free trial on the premium plan.

What Does the Free Plan of Jobscan Offer?

Because of its limits, you are restricted to how much you can use it.

However, if you are only applying for one or two vacancies, it can be ideal.

The free plan offers two match rate calculations and two keyword comparisons per month.

You have full access to the Jobscan learning center, as well as the resume manager, which allows you to use the template library to edit your resume as much as you want.

However, if you have used your match rate and comparison hits for the month, you will have to edit your own resume without Jobscan’s help.

What Does the Paid Plan of Jobscan Offer?

The paid plan of Jobscan can be paid monthly at 49.95orquarterlyat49.95 or quarterly at 89.95 following the two weeks free trial.

The free trial is only available on the quarterly payment plan, but you can cancel the trial within those two weeks and not be charged.

Included in the paid plan are unlimited match rate calculations, keyword comparisons and scans of both resumes and job descriptions.

This plan is ideal if you are applying for many roles in one sitting.

LinkedIn optimization is also offered, following a free trial. This tool is becoming highly popular with HR departments now when shortlisting candidates to interview.

You get access to premium templates and articles, as well as Jobscan’s cover letter optimization, an area that many jobseekers struggle the most with.

You can cancel at any time, so if you use Jobscan to help you find a job, you can then cancel your plan until you start searching for another role.

How Do Plans Differ From Each Other?

The free plan is a taster of what is on offer on the paid plan.

You get a sample with two comparisons/calculations a month, plus full access to the Jobscan learning center.

There are also step-by-step guides to creating great resumes, applications and cover letters, as well as tips to using LinkedIn effectively and understanding ATS.

Benefits of Using Jobscan

Jobscan has gathered the best tools on the job search market and put them together in one place.

It is true that many of the tools included on its program are found separately on other websites, but Jobscan offers them all together under one plan.

Here are some of the questions asked about the benefits of Jobscan.

Does Jobscan Help You Get Jobs?

While using Jobscan does not guarantee you will get a job, it’s a tool that will ensure your resume is as optimized for each role as possible.

It will pick out specific skills and qualities within the job description provided and tailor your resume for each role you apply for through every scan.

It uses ATS – the same technology that most large companies use when looking through potential candidates for a role – so your resume will be as optimized as possible for the company’s ATS to flag you as a strong candidate.

Does Jobscan Offer Services That You Cannot Do by Yourself?

While you can definitely tailor a resume yourself, it is time-consuming to create a new cover letter and resume for every role you apply for.

Jobscan helps automate and speed up this process, as well as show you how your resume looks from a computer’s point-of-view, which is important for passing the ATS stage and getting it in front of a real person.

Jobscan: A Review
Jobscan: A Review

Does Jobscan Offer a Wide Range of Services to Choose From?

Jobscan offers everything you need when applying for roles.

You can optimize your current resume and cover letter, set up a new one using its templates, optimize your LinkedIn profile and tailor every job application using its software.

There are also plenty of articles to help you along the way, from how to use its technology to top tips for interviews and applications.

Reviews From Other Sites

Jobscan seems to be very well-received amongst review websites, such as TrustPilot and SiteJabber.

On the whole, users find the site easy to navigate around and use.

Additionally, many have noted their successes since using the website in comparison to beforehand. The optimization tools have helped people gain more interviews and job offers than they had achieved previously.

Downsides of Jobscan

However, it is prudent to be aware of all sides of something before paying for it.

Let's take a closer look at the negatives of Jobscan.

Is Jobscan Worth the Cost?

At 49.95amonthor49.95 a month or 89.95 for a quarter, it is a premium product.

Jobscan is an expensive program if you aren’t going to use it regularly, and the cost may seem unnecessary, as you can edit a simple resume yourself on Google Drive or Microsoft Word.

However, if you are new to the job market, are considering a career change or haven’t applied for a job for a long time, it is worth it – you will quickly tailor your resume for every application you make, meaning it’s more likely to do better.

The paid plan is ideal for graduates or those applying for a high volume of jobs, as you will make the most out of it.

You can make use of the LinkedIn optimization feature, too, as many employers now look at LinkedIn when hiring.

Is Jobscan Necessary?

Whilst you can do these edits yourself, you do not always know what a job description is really looking for.

Sometimes you think you have perfectly tailored an application for a role, only to have it rejected at the first stage, because there were subtle elements within the job description that you missed.

With ATS technology, Jobscan looks at any hidden meanings within a job description that HR departments highlight and ensures that you’ve included them in your resume.

By essentially using companies’ own technology, you can make sure that your resume passes all their checks before you have even applied for the role.

Do Jobscan Negative Reviews Share a Common Theme?

It seems that the free version does not optimize resumes as well as the paid plan.

A lot of the advice given is blocked out and requires a premium plan to see it.

Some users have criticized that the information and critiques are not as detailed as they hoped for considering the premium price.

Jobscan requires simple fonts, so this might mean editing before you upload any documents, as many students have been told not to use standard fonts, such as Arial, on resumes to stand out.

However, when uploading to a resume optimization service or a company that uses ATS, the simpler the font, the easier it is for it to be processed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s a genuine resume optimization tool with nearly 1,500 reviews on SiteJabber.

It costs **49.95amonthor49.95 a month** or 89.95 for a quarter.

There is a free plan and a two-week free trial for the premium plan.

You get two free scans on both the match rate calculator and the keyword comparison check.

Yes, you can. Jobscan uses its own ATS to scan your resume to see if it is fully optimized for the job description you’ve provided it with.

A good score is 80% and above.

The free trial for the premium Jobscan plan is two weeks.

Trials must be canceled before the end date, or you will be charged the monthly fee.

Final Thoughts

Do the Positives Outweigh the Negatives?

If you plan on applying for a range of roles as a recent graduate or because you're looking to change careers, Jobscan offers many tools that will be of use to you.

Make use of all the optimizations on offer (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn and ATS), and you should be able to improve your application success rate significantly.

You will go into interviews knowing which qualities are the most significant to that role and company.

If you’re looking for a quick fix to edit your resume a little, the free plan should be enough.

However, much of the information given requires a premium plan to see.

Alternatively, you could sign up to trial the premium plan for two weeks and cancel before any payment is taken. You will be able to get a taste for the program before making a commitment as to whether or not it adds value to your job search.