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A Guide to the Google Apprenticeship Program {YEAR}

A Guide to the Google Apprenticeship Program 2024

Google is one of the most recognizable brands in the world with a revenue of over $250 billion. While Google excels in its field, it performs just as well as an employer.

The Google offices and employee benefits are designed to facilitate creativity and it is constantly featured at the top of 'best places to work 'lists.

So it is no surprise thousands of people apply for a single job role and the recruitment process is incredibly difficult.

However, one route into Google is through a Google Apprenticeship Program.

This article will cover the most popular programs, how to apply and the best ways to secure your place on one of the many Google careers apprenticeships.

What Is Google Apprenticeship Program?

Google products and services know no limits. In the 24 years since its founding, Google has paved the way for the internet and related hardware and software.

Its portfolio to date includes:

  • A search engine
  • Advertising such as AdSense and Google Console
  • Web-based products like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps and Google Translate
  • Software such as the Android OS, Google Chrome and smartwatches
  • Hardware such as Nexus, Chromebook and Nest

A company with so many products and services requires a lot of employees across all fields.

While it makes sense that Google only wants the best employees, it also has a commitment to up-and-coming talent through its Build Your Future Google apprenticeships.

These Google careers apprenticeships are a great way to start your career and develop all the essential skills required to succeed.

Not to be confused with an internship, apprenticeships are set programs designed to train and prepare you for your desired role at that company. They typically last one to three years and are paid.

Internships usually don’t include training and are designed for you to learn more about the industry and role, rather than physically contribute. They are less structured and you are not always financially compensated.

Build Your Future Google Degree Apprenticeships

The Google degree apprenticeships specifically prepare you for a role in Google. They cover all areas from marketing to engineering and product development.

However, the apprenticeships are not designed as a career stepping stone post-university or college.

They are designed for those who didn’t have access to opportunities or higher education or who are changing careers.

The apprenticeship programs are available worldwide and are paid per the country's employment laws.

In the US, you can expect to earn a salary of around $65,871 depending on the Google apprenticeship program you choose, as well as other employee benefits such as:

  • Paid time off
  • Access to wellness facilities
  • On-site meals and snacks

All the programs follow a similar structure of 40-hour work weeks, with your time being divided into on-the-job training and related technical instruction.

Before starting work on campus, all apprentices must complete:

  • A three-week virtual onboarding experience
  • A six-week virtual boot camp with partner Multiverse

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Where and When Do Google Apprenticeship Programs Run?

The Google apprenticeship program takes place on Google campuses in:

  • The USA
  • The UK
  • France
  • India
  • Ireland
  • The Netherlands
  • Switzerland

You can apply for any of the programs as long as you have the right to work in that country.

They typically open once a year in October with the positions starting the following year.

However, some locations do open their programs in the spring, such as the Google Software Engineering Apprenticeship in Ireland and the Digital Business Apprenticeship in London.

What Does Google Look For in Applicants for Its Apprenticeship Programs?

When considering applicants for their apprenticeship programs, Google seeks individuals who exhibit a passion for technology, possess strong problem-solving and analytical abilities, communicate effectively, and embrace a growth mindset.

By fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion and collaboration, Google encourages candidates from various backgrounds to apply, ensuring a rich and inclusive workforce.

  • Education and skills – Google apprenticeship programs usually require a minimum educational qualification, such as a high school diploma or equivalent. Some programs may have specific requirements related to technical skills or prior experience in a relevant field.

  • Passion for technology – Google values candidates who are genuinely interested in technology and have a passion for learning and exploring new areas within the field. Demonstrating your enthusiasm for the industry through personal projects, involvement in relevant communities, or relevant coursework can be beneficial.

  • Problem-solving and analytical abilities – Google values candidates who possess strong problem-solving skills and can think critically to tackle complex challenges. Demonstrating your ability to analyze situations, break down problems, and propose creative solutions will be advantageous.

  • Communication and collaboration – Effective communication and collaboration are essential skills at Google. The ability to work well in teams, articulate ideas clearly, and actively listen to others is highly valued. Highlight any experiences that showcase your teamwork, leadership, or effective communication skills.

  • Adaptability and growth mindset – Google looks for candidates who are adaptable to change and have a growth mindset. They appreciate individuals who embrace new technologies, are open to learning from failures, and continuously seek opportunities to improve and develop their skills.

  • Alignment with Google's culture and values – Google emphasizes a strong cultural fit. Familiarize yourself with Google's mission, values, and company culture, and showcase how your own values align with theirs. Demonstrating your knowledge of Google's products, services, and initiatives can also be advantageous.

  • Diversity and inclusion – Google places a high value on diversity and inclusion. They actively seek candidates from various backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Highlight any experiences or initiatives that demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Remember that specific requirements and expectations may vary depending on the specific apprenticeship program you are interested in. It's crucial to review the official job descriptions and application guidelines for the most accurate and detailed information.

Current Google Degree Apprenticeships

The current Google apprenticeships available in the US are:

  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Project Management
  • UX Design
  • Software Engineering

For more information about the role and entry requirements, you will have to wait until the program opens. You can keep updated here.

Data Analytics

The Google Data Analytics Apprenticeship lasts for 20 months and is available in Atlanta, New York and Chicago.

Your role will be to collect, transform and organize data to help Google decision-makers make the best possible decisions.

Around 20% of your time will be spent in technical training, with the remaining 80% completing on-the-job training.

All those who successfully complete the program will receive a Data Analytics Certificate recognized by the US Department of Labor.

Digital Marketing

Those looking to complete a Google degree apprenticeship in Digital Marketing will need a bachelor's degree to apply. However, that degree does not need to be marketing related.

The program is 20 months long with 80% of your time spent in on-the-job training and 20% in technical training.

During your time at Google, you will learn the principles of digital marketing and data analytics.

Upon completion, you will receive a US Department of Labor-recognized credential.

Information Technology

The Information Technology program is only 12 months long. It is designed for those with a bachelor's degree in a related field who wish to develop their tech and customer service skills.

All participants who successfully complete the Google tech apprenticeship will receive a nationally recognized credential.

Project Management

The Google Project Manager Apprenticeship is 20 months long and takes place in Atlanta, Chicago and New York.

You will spend 20% of your time in technical training with Multiverse and 80% completing on-the-job training ensuring projects are completed to a high standard and on time.

You will receive a nationally recognized Project Management Certification from Google if you successfully complete the program.

UX Design

The Google UX Design Apprenticeship takes place in San Francisco and New York and lasts 20 months.

During your on-the-job training for the Google UX apprenticeship, you will be responsible for improving the usability of Google’s physical and digital products.

You will receive a UX Design Certificate if you successfully complete the program.

Software Engineering

This apprenticeship is available in multiple locations across the country and lasts 20 months.

You will be tasked with developing software systems that can be further developed and scaled and finding solutions to current software problems.

You will be awarded a Software Engineering Certificate at the end of the program.

Google Apprenticeship Program
Google Apprenticeship Program

The Google Apprenticeship Application

The requirements for Google degree apprenticeships vary depending on the role.

However, as a general rule, all candidates must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Speak English
  • Have the right to work in that country
  • Have work experience in that field
  • Have a strong academic background (for any level of education)

Some programs do require a bachelor’s degree, but it should be different to the subject you are applying for.

It is also recommended that applicants complete a coding course before applying to prove they have the appropriate technical skills.

Google Apprenticeship Application Process

When completing your Google apprenticeship application, you will need to submit a resume and cover letter.

Some programs might require additional documentation, such as a coding aptitude test or short essays.

Google will not process any applications that are missing documents so confirm what you need before submitting.

If your initial application is successful, you will be invited to:

  • A phone screening with the recruiter to confirm your experience and assess motivations
  • A series of interviews, either in-person or virtual

You might also be required to complete a series of aptitude and personality tests.

The application process typically takes eight to 10 weeks. Unfortunately, Google does not provide status updates. Instead, it will email you regarding the next stage, if you are successful.

You can search for positions and apply on the Google Build Your Future website.

Google Apprenticeship Program Application Tips

Before submitting your Google apprenticeship application make sure you complete the following:

Step 1. Understand the Role

To create a cover letter and resume that shows your suitability for a position, you need to understand the responsibilities and activities you’ll be completing.

This will make it easier for you to align your skills and experience with the apprenticeship requirements.

Step 2. Research Google and Its Values

A lot of people apply for positions at Google simply because it is Google.

Recruiters know when someone is truly passionate about the role and company because their cover letter and interview answers reflect Google’s culture and values.

Research Google’s successes and failures to better understand what it stands for.

Step 3. Define Your Career Goals

During your application or screening interview, you will need to tell the recruiter why this apprenticeship facilitates your career.

To successfully answer you will need clearly defined short and long-term personal and professional goals.

The more specific and confident you are with the career development plan, the more impressed the recruiter will be.

Step 4. Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter

Sending a generic resume and cover letter will not get you to the next stage of the recruitment process. Ensure your application documents are specific to the role you are applying for.

For example, if you are applying for the Google Data Analytics Apprenticeship share experiences that are similar to the work the data analytics team has completed and talk about the parts of the role that excite you the most.

Google is a highly innovative company and the data analytics team will have techniques, processes and tools that no other company has.

The same method can be applied to all the Google apprenticeship jobs.

Step 5. Practice Your Interview Techniques

There is no time like the present to start working through interview questions and preparing yourself for the interview process.

Begin by compiling the most common interview questions and writing out answers. Your answers should follow a format similar to the Amazon STAR Method, which is:

  • S – Situation – Where you were and what you were doing
  • T – Task – What you had to complete
  • A – Action – The actions you took to complete the task
  • R – Result – What was the outcome

Where possible use figures and statistics to show your successes. Google is a data-driven company and it loves data-driven results.

When you are happy with your answers, ask friends and family to run through interview scenarios with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Google apprenticeship program is a 12 to 48-month program that prepares you for a career in your chosen role. Around 80% of your time will be spent completing on-the-job training, with the remaining 20% in technical training. All apprenticeships are paid.

Google apprenticeships are designed to be challenging because they prepare you for a career in your chosen field. As Google is renowned for its innovation and quality, the same is expected from its employees. However, if you complete all the training and take an active role in the program, you should find it enjoyable.

When the positions open you can apply for a Google apprenticeship by submitting your resume and cover letter. If you are successful, you will be invited to a phone screening interview followed by several in-person or virtual interviews.

Google apprenticeship applications typically open in October with successful applicants starting the following year. However, in some locations, such as Ireland, applications open in the spring.

Salaries vary depending on the Google apprenticeship you are completing and the location. However, in the US the average is $65,871 plus employee benefits.

You can apply for a Google apprenticeship by submitting your resume and cover letter.

If you are successful, you will be invited to a phone screening interview followed by several in-person or virtual interviews.

To ensure your success research the role and company, clearly define your career goals and tailor your cover letter to the position before submitting.

The speed at which you hear back from Google will depend on the number of applicants. However, the whole process is expected to take eight to 10 weeks.

You can prepare for Google apprenticeship jobs by researching and understanding the role and the processes used by Google. Analyze successful campaigns or products it has developed to better understand the work cycle and familiarize yourself with the concepts used in your profession.

As the Google apprenticeship program is designed for those changing careers or unable to take traditional routes, the application qualifications are to be at least 18 years old and have 12 months of experience in your chosen field.

Some programs do require a bachelor’s degree, but it must be in a subject different to your apprenticeship.

You have to be at least 18 years old to apply for a Google apprenticeship.

Google looks for those candidates with the skills, experience and understanding to complete the role to a high standard.

As well as a salary and employee benefits, those completing a Google apprenticeship program will have access to world-class training and gain physical experience at one of the most desirable workplaces in the world. Upon completion, you will have a portfolio of projects you completed and a strong skill set.

Final Thoughts

Working for Google has a lot of benefits and the Google apprenticeship program is a great way to start or change your career.

Before submitting your application ensure you fully understand Google’s culture and values as well as the role you will be working in.

Take some time to plan out your career goals and make it clear how and why this apprenticeship can assist you.