Alice Watts


Alice Watts

Alice, a graduate of University College London (UCL), holds a Master of Science in Building and Urban Design in Development. Her studies there sharpened her international development skills, focusing on participatory urban design methods aimed at fostering equitable and sustainable communities through cooperative design processes.

Her proficiency in communication is anchored in her English BA with First Class Honors from the University of Exeter, which included an enriching study abroad experience.

Since becoming a freelance copywriter in London in August 2019, Alice has amassed over four years of professional experience. She co-wrote "The Marine CoLABoration: An Introduction to Our Approach," a guide to effective environmental partnership tactics, which can be found at

In her copywriting career, Alice specializes in creating captivating website content in areas such as professional development, employment, and financial guidance. She also writes comprehensive reviews for a variety of products in the technology, health, and travel industries.

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