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Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests

Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests

Updated April 2021

Practice Numerical Reasoning Test

Online Numerical Reasoning by Job Test Prep (free questions in menu).

Numerical Reasoning printable PDF on Psychometric Success

In numerical reasoning questions, information is provided that requires you to interpret it and then apply the appropriate logic to answer the questions.

In other words, you need to work out how to get the answer rather than what calculations to apply.

Sometimes the questions are designed to approximate the type of reasoning required in the workplace.

The questions will often use very specific illustrations, for example the question may present financial data or use information technology jargon.

However, an understanding of these areas is not required to answer the question.

Number series questions can also be classified as numerical reasoning questions.

These types of question are very commonly used in graduate and managerial selection.

Free Numerical Reasoning Test - Data Interpretation
Free Numerical Reasoning Test - Data Interpretation

This sample question paper contains 40 questions and has a suggested time limit of 10 minutes.

The questions are presented in Letter/A4 format for easy printing and self-marking.

Numerical reasoning tests are an increasingly popular way of assessing candidates during the job selection process.

Many people who have been out of the education system for a while or who don’t use maths on a day-to-day basis feel intimidated by these types of test.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to have studied mathematics to a high level to succeed.

These are primarily tests of reasoning ability and the math needed is invariably straightforward.

Although you may need to get back up to speed with percentages, ratios, proportions, fractions and decimals.

You will usually be allowed to use a calculator for these types of question and investing in one which can handle fractions and percentages is a good idea.

You should also try to work through a few numerical computation practice papers to get back into swing of these types of calculation.

Practice Numerical Reasoning Test