Verbal Reasoning Practice Test

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Free Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

Free Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

Updated 26 October 2021

Verbal Reasoning Practice Test

Verbal Reasoning Tests on Job Test Prep (search for Verbal Reasoning in the menu).

Verbal Reasoning Tests printable PDF on Psychometric Success

These verbal critical reasoning questions are not so much concerned with measuring your facility with English.

They are designed to test your ability to take a series of facts expressed in words and to understand and manipulate the information to solve a specific problem.

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These questions are usually restricted to graduate and management level tests.

Online Verbal Ability – Practice Test

This sample question paper contains 40 questions and has a suggested time limit of 10 minutes.

The questions are presented in Letter/A4 format for easy printing and self-marking.

It is not always easy to assess whether someone has the ability to interpret information in an analytical way and to make sound judgements based on their conclusions.

This is particularly true if individuals are applying for their first management job and do not have a track record of successful decision making.

Critical reasoning questions require you to demonstrate your ability to make logical decisions and even to recognize that insufficient data has been provided for a definitive answer to be reached, as would be the case in many real-life situations.

Verbal Reasoning Practice Test