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A Full Guide to the Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE Test)

A Full Guide to the Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE Test)

For those wanting to enter the secret service, you’ll need to prove your worth in many ways, including taking the Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE).

If you’re taking this exam, we have all the information you need right here; we’ll show you what you need to know and answer any FAQs you may have.

What Is the Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE Test)?

If you are considering becoming a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service, one of the first challenges you will face is the Special Agent Entrance Exam (also known as the SAEE test).

The SAEE test allows you to show your worth and why you deserve to be a member of the secret service.

However, you’ll understandably have many questions concerning this exam. That’s why this guide will look at what this test entails, including its different sections.

We’ll also look at examples, tips and faqs to give you all the necessary information you need to prepare for the Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE Test). Read on to find out more.

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The Role of the Special Agent

Becoming a Secret Service Special Agent is immensely challenging. The hiring process is lengthy, and the race between the applicants that want to gain this highly coveted and lucrative position can be very competitive—it can take between six and nine months to complete the process.

One of the first challenges candidates face within the recruiting process is the Special Agent Entrance Exam. Only those who pass this test can go ahead with the subsequent stages of the hiring process.

The Secret Service Special Agent is responsible for carrying out integrated missions of investigation and protection. It investigates law violations in financial and government institutions, and cyber-attacks on telecommunications services and banks.

In addition, Special Agents often develop and implement security protocols for national leaders.

Information for the Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE Test)

The Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE) is used as the first part of the Special Agent recruitment process, typically administered after the candidates’ application has been processed. It’s mandatory for all candidates.

The test has multiple-choice questions and can be taken on either computer or paper. There are five sections, and each of them is timed. Together, they take roughly three hours to complete.

The sections that are included in the test are as follows.

Logic-Based Reasoning

The section consists of 12 passages and 30 questions and takes 40 minutes to complete. Each passage incorporates a series of facts and you’re asked to draw conclusions based on these facts.

The questions on this part evaluate a candidate’s ability to understand written information.

You’ll need to read the passages carefully and consider what information is provided and what’s not to correctly answer the questions.

Experience Inventory Part 1

This section includes 64 questions and has a 20-minute limit. The exam offers a set of statements describing different situations.

You must provide the best outcome based on the statement to resolve the questions.

Some of the events described in the statements might be past experiences. Others are related to a Special Agents day to day activities.

Experience Inventory Part 2

This section includes 64 questions and a 20-minute time limit. Once again, you’ll be presented with a set of statements describing situations you might have encountered before.

The descriptions might be more complex, but the goal is also the same: to provide the best outcome.

Language Usage

This exam is composed of 25 questions candidates have 40 minutes to answer. You’re provided two texts: a summary report and memoranda.

Each text has grammatical errors. Your assignment is to look at the text and then correct the mistakes. Look for incorrect spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and structure.

Detail Observation

This part takes about 40 minutes to complete. You’ll be presented with three photo scenarios and three sets of accompanying questions.

Each photo depicts a scene that Special Agents might experience on the job.

For each photograph, you’ll be provided 150 seconds to study the image, after which the photo will be removed from sight.

Example Questions for the Special Agent Entrance (SAEE) Exam

Here are a few examples of the SAEE test:

Example 1 – Language Usage

Example Question

Determine how many errors are in the following sentences:

Response Options: A = 0 sections B = one section C = two sections D = three sections E = four sections

1. This mission will not / be possible without / collaborations with / you’re team.

2. All agents / must report / to a / predetermined destination.

3. The Agent opened the / cases file, / registered several error, / and corrected them.

4. She is investigating / several citizens’ claims / that their possessions were stolen / from their vehicles.

5. All agents’ / must / adhere to this / rules and regulations.

Example 2 – Logic

Example Question

Read the following passage and indicate whether the statement below is true or false or if there is insufficient information to draw a conclusion.

'Jimmy is a Secret Service Special Agent. Carla has never been to New York. All Secret Service Special Agents have been to New York. Jonah works with Carla.’

1. ’Carla is a Secret Service Special Agent.’

a) True
b) False
c) Insufficient information to decide

2. ‘Jonah works for the Secret Service.’

a) True
b) False
c) Insufficient information to decide

3. ’Jimmy has been to New York.’

a) True
b) False
c) Insufficient information to decide

Example 3 – Logic

Example Question

’All Special Agents work from either Ohio or Washington. Some Ohio task agents investigate cyber attacks. All Washington agents investigate cyber attacks. All Ohio agents who are cyber attack investigators received training in this field. No Washington agents received fraud investigation training. All Washington task force agents received financial crime investigation training.’

Indicate whether the statement is true or false or if there is insufficient information to draw a conclusion.

1. No task force agents who received financial crime investigation training investigate cyber attacks.

2. No task force agents who received fraud investigation training work from Ohio.

3. No task force agents who received financial crime investigation training work from Washington.

Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE Test): Full Guide
Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE Test): Full Guide

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Test Directions for Each Section of the Special Agent Entrance Exam

There are specific instructions for each Special Agent Entrance Exam test section.

Instructions for the Observation Test Section

In this section, candidates will be presented with a photograph. You will have 300 seconds to view the photo.

You will then have five minutes to answer unrelated questions and then six minutes to answer questions about the photograph.

You’re not allowed to view the photograph while answering questions or take notes. Therefore, you need to have both good observation skills and memory.

The Language Usage Directions

This section has five sentences. Each is divided into four sections. You’ll be asked to identify how many of the sections have errors.

The areas can be grammar, capitalization, formation of plurals, punctuation and spelling. There are no comma errors because experts disagree about their usage.

What Is the Passing Score for Special Agent Entrance Exam?

There is no known score that will automatically pass the test. And the agency does not share the rate of pass/fail for candidates taking the test.

However, information has been revealed that each section has its own passing score. Therefore, candidates can excel at several parts and then fail at one and their application.

When candidates take the computerized version of the test, they’re immediately notified whether they have passed or failed.

Those taking the paper test have to wait until the paper is marked. No score is shown, just a pass or fail.

If you fail, you must wait at least six months before you can retake the test. You must start the application process from the beginning by applying for an open position; therefore, there is a lot of pressure to ensure you pass on your first try.

Only American citizens between the ages of 21 to 37 who holding a valid driver’s license can apply to become Secret Service agents.

The Secret Service Special Agent hiring process is broken down into two phases:

The Job Selection Process for the Special Agent Role

Phase One

  • Application – Candidates must apply for an open position on USAJobs
  • Resume Review – The candidates' complete resume is thoroughly reviewed
  • SAEE Test – The candidates take the Secret Service Special Agent Entrance Exam
  • Applicant test – The candidates take the Applicant Physical Ability Test, which evaluates their physical skills
  • Interview – The candidates go through several stages of interviews with a recruitment officer
  • Conditional Job Offer – The Candidates are given a conditional job offer from the recruitment officer

Phase Two

  • Security Interview and Credit Check – The Candidates must pass an extensive security background and credit history check
  • Polygraph Test – The candidates must take a polygraph test
  • Medical and Psychological Assessment – The candidates undergo a thorough medical and psychological assessment
  • Background Investigation – The candidates undergo a further background investigation
  • Hiring Panel – If they pass all the previous stages, the candidates face the hiring panel

How to Prepare for the Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE Test Prep)

It’s important to undertake SAEE test prep to give yourself the best possible chance on the test.

Thankfully, there are many ways to prepare properly. For example, here are some of the options for effective SAEE test prep.

Step 1. Practice a SAEE Practice Test

Doing an SAEE practice test is by far the best way to prepare. SAEE practice questions will help you familiarize yourself with the SAEE exam material and allow you to see what is right and wrong.

Or in other words, it lets you identify your strengths and weaknesses, the areas you get the most correct and the most wrong answers. For great SAEE exam prep, a free SAEE practice test online is a must.

Step 2. Revise Regularly

Don’t forget to revise some of the key parts of the test, like the grammar. Look into all types of material you might be asked questions about on the test, and learn more about them.

A special agent entrance exam study guide will give you all the necessary information.

Hone your reading and time management skills too. These will be crucial for quickly understanding and resolving questions efficiently but correctly.

However, remember that revising alone isn’t enough. Make sure to combine this with a Special Agent Entrance Exam practice test.

Step 3. Pay Attention to Self-Care

You must understand the importance of self-care. Being tired, hungry or thirsty can significantly hinder your focus.

Have at least seven hours of sleep before the test, and avoid strenuous activities.

Avoid stress and alcohol, as these will also impact your focus on the test. Have a nutritionally balanced meal at least two hours before the test to keep your blood sugar levels at the optimum, allowing you to focus better.

Step 4. Check Your Equipment

Another vital part of SAEE test prep is to check your equipment. When doing the computerized test at home, you must ensure that your computers and other equipment are in working order.

You don’t want to fail a test as important as the SAEE due to technical difficulties.

Taking a Secret Service SAEE practice test is a great opportunity to test your equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Special Agent Entrance exam is a fundamental part of the hiring process for Secret Service Special Agents.

It’s a widely applied selection measure that allows the Secret Service Agency to find candidates who have the capacity to be responsible for investigating law violations, including financial crimes and cyber attacks on telecommunication and banking systems.

The SAEE is incredibly challenging. The test has many questions, which candidates often find overwhelming.

The length and difficulty of the exam often lead to fatigue, which is detrimental to the candidates’ focus.

You can prepare for the SAEE test at your home with a SAEE practice test. These can help you familiarize yourself with the test format and question types.

You’ll know what to expect on the real-time test after completing a SAEE practice test.

You will get your results immediately after you complete the SAEE at the test center.

If you obtain a passing score, you’ll be notified by the Secret Service Talent and Employee Acquisition Management Division with instructions for the next phase via e-mail.

If you pass the special agent entrance exam, you will continue with the hiring process.

The phase you’ll move on to next is called the Applicant Physical Ability Test (APAT).

The secret service special agent entrance exam is used by The United States Secret Service to recruit Special Agents of the highest caliber.

There is no official number of candidates who pass the test, and it’s hard to know exactly what the special agent entrance exam pass rate is.

However, due to the challenging nature of the exam, the passing rate is presumable low.

You can get more example questions of the SAEE tests online on websites that offer help with aptitude tests.

A list of websites where you’ll find an SAEE practice test, free or paid, includes TSA TestPrep, and JopTestPrep.

The official Secret Service website also has tests you can practice with.

No, you’ll not receive your score on the special agent entrance exam secret service test or the passing or high scores.

You’ll only be notified if you pass the test, but not of your score.

The SAEE has five different sections, and each one is timed. The Logic-Based Reasoning, Language Usage, and Detail Observation section each have a time limit of 40 minutes, respectively.

The Experience Inventory, Part 1 section has a 20-minute time limit, while the Experience Inventory, Part 2 section must be completed within 30 minutes.

The purpose of the test is to assess Special Agent candidates logic based reasoning, experience inventory, language usage and detail observation skills.

You can typically get a complete guide for the SAEE test on all the websites that offer practice tests too.

The mock tests are usually accompanied by extensive guidance on how to prepare and ace the SAEE test.

Final Thoughts

The SAEE is a part of the recruitment process for The United States Special Agency. It’s one of the most challenging tests out there, which means you can’t pass it without proper preparation.

Not only is it a lengthy assessment, but it also has several complex sections, assessing the candidates’ logic-based reasoning, experience inventory, language usage and detail observation skills.

Completing online practice tests and looking into the guides developed for the SAEE test can help you familiarize yourself with the test format and enhance your ability to pass the exam.

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