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Korn Ferry Assessment: Guide and Tips (May 2024)

Korn Ferry assessment tests are a comprehensive form of employee evaluation used by companies during their recruitment process. The aim for them is to create the most productive work environment.

The test allows companies to maximize both the existing talent and the talent that they will recruit in the future.

This article breaks down what Korn Ferry tests cover and what type of questions you may expect to encounter as a candidate.

It will also provide several tips on preparing for this psychometric assessment test to help you obtain the score required for your dream job.

What Is the Korn Ferry Assessment?

Korn Ferry tests are psychometric evaluation tests developed by the Korn Ferry management consulting firm.

This company creates, supplies and, if needed, administers tailored tests to a broad range of businesses.

The main purpose of the Korn Ferry psychometric test is to allow employers to assess their current workforce and find the gaps that can be filled with personnel with complementary skills.

It also enables company recruiters to separate out the applicants most suitable for these roles based on abilities, behaviours and traits required for a particular job.

This recruitment strategy is generally applied for executive positions and leadership roles, such as CEO, top-tier managerial jobs, strategists and other high-responsibility roles.

The Different Types of Korn Ferry Assessment Tests

While there are several different types of Korn Ferry tests, they are divided into two main categories:

  • Personality testing
  • Cognitive ability testing

Personality Testing

The Korn Ferry personality test is designed to measure a candidate's leadership qualities, ability to work in a team and many other skills required for specific roles.

The personality tests typically align with whatever traits, behaviour types, motivations and goals candidates are required to have to fulfil the given position.

Korn Ferry provides several different personality tests, including the Korn Ferry Dimensions Test and the Korn Ferry Four-Dimensional Assessment.

Korn Ferry Dimensions Test

The Korn Ferry Dimensions Test measures personality traits from the three main domains:

  • People and Relationships
  • Drives and Emotions
  • Tasks and Projects

It’s often administered along with the Korn Ferry cognitive tests and has two versions.

The shorter one has 13 questions you need to complete in eight minutes, and the extended version has 40 questions that take about 25 minutes to complete.

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Korn Ferry Four-Dimensional Assessment

The Korn Ferry 4D Assessment evaluates candidates' managerial and other work-related skills and behaviours.

The assessment is based on various ranking formats like lists, individual statements, choosing cards, etc.

Answers to questions provide insight into personal motivations, previous experiences, traits and competencies.

The Korn Ferry competency assessment takes 30 minutes to complete and has a varying number of multiple-choice questions, depending on the specific role the candidates are being assessed for.

Aptitude Testing

Aptitude tests assess several critical traits that highlight a candidate's critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The evaluated abilities include:

Numerical Reasoning

The Korn Ferry numerical test evaluates a candidate's ability to process numerical information presented in tables, graphs and statistical charts.

The ability to interpret data and figures is tested through 12 multiple-choice questions. Answering them will require you to use basic mathematical principles while working swiftly yet accurately.

The test is a time-sensitive numerical test, so it also measures your ability to distribute your time for solving math problems without wasting time on any of them.

While basic mathematical understanding is the only previous knowledge required for these tests, Korn Ferry numerical test practice will be required.

Verbal Reasoning

Korn Ferry's verbal reasoning test assesses your ability to read and analyse a text and then answer questions based on what you've read.

It has 15 multiple-choice questions, and you will need to answer each within one minute.

To prove you have exceptional verbal reasoning abilities, you'll need to read the text and all the Korn Ferry assessment answers carefully and select the correct one swiftly.

This allows recruiters to rule out candidates who tend to skim-read texts when under pressure, which often leads to misinterpretation.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal tests typically include assessments for logical reasoning, in which a candidate's ability to understand and manipulate abstract or logical patterns is tested.

In the Korn Ferry abstract reasoning test, you will be asked to determine logical relationships between shapes, sequences and patterns and apply your conclusion to the subsequent assignment.

Non-verbal reasoning tests within the Korn Ferry logical test always include multiple-choice questions, which adds an element of difficulty.

Not only do you need to select the correct answer from several options, but you need to do it quickly and as calmly as possible.

Cognitive Ability

Cognitive ability tests on Korn Ferry assessments measure reasoning skills, including spatial awareness and mechanical comprehension.

This test is typically administered in the same group of tests as the other aptitude tests from above. Other times, the group may include only cognitive and checking ability, numerical or logical reasons tests.

The cognitive test is timed, which means accuracy under a short timeframe is also measured.

The test has a diverse number of multiple-choice questions, with entry-level roles having fewer test questions than top-tier jobs.

This can be difficult for many people and Korn Ferry assessment practice is a great way to prepare.

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How Are Korn Ferry Assessments Scored?

The two main categories of the Korn Ferry executive assessment are scored differently.

On the Korn Ferry aptitude test, every correct answer receives a mark that goes into the score.

The candidate's scores are compared to everyone who took the test beforehand. The overall results are then expressed as a percentile.

For instance, if a candidate scores in the 90th percentile, they've performed better than 90% of people who took the same test.

In the personality assessment section, the answer is measured according to how well they fit into the company's culture, organizational values, preferred behaviours and skill competencies.

There is no passing or failing on the Korn Ferry executive assessment but employers often set benchmarks for candidates who are required to meet them to continue the application or evaluation process.

This desired score often depends on the specific role the company is seeking to fulfil, which means it will also determine the Korn Ferry assessment results.

This also means that achieving the highest possible score is the only way to maximize your chances of getting your dream job.

You may be able to retake the assessment later if you aren't satisfied with your results or didn't get the desired position.

Companies that test their existing workforce to create the most productive work environment often encourage workers to hone their skills and resit this test.

How to Prepare for the Korn Ferry Assessment in 2024

While there is no need to study a specific subject for a Korn Ferry test, some preparation is recommended.

This is an adaptive test that requires you to process comprehensive information in a short timeframe, which can be challenging.

Here are some steps you can take to prepare for your Korn Ferry test, so you can take it with confidence and score the results that will help you advance your career.

Step 1. Understand the Purpose of the Test

The different Korn Ferry tests have different purposes. Understanding the idea behind the one you will be taking is the first step in preparing for it.

By studying what the particular test assesses, you will be able to see what your prospective or current employer is looking for in candidates for specific positions and what skills you need to highlight on the test to fit the requirements.

This will also allow you to find adequate material for the test you are required to take.

Knowing what to expect from the actual test itself will also help calm your nerves.

Step 2. Practice the Test Online

There are plenty of online sources where you can practice the tests you will be sitting.

Practicing Korn Ferry assessments allows you to become familiar with the test format and question styles.

The different parts of the test can also refresh your memory of the specific subject.

For example, taking practice questions for the numerical reasoning test will allow you to revisit basic maths principles, while preparing for the verbal reasoning will give you the chance to brush up on reading material that contains information presented in different formats.

Korn Ferry Assessment: Guide and Tips
Korn Ferry Assessment: Guide and Tips

Step 3. Be Honest

Apart from being accurate, you should always be honest with your answers on the Korn Ferry assessment test.

Remember, the recruiters will be able to verify your answer later on.

So, instead of repeating what you think your employer might want to hear, it's always better to answer everything honestly.

You can do your research on employers to determine what they are looking for in candidates, but don't use this information to provide false answers.

Step 4. Learn About Your Personality

Through the Korn Ferry personality test, companies are looking for candidates who will fit into a specific work environment and positively contribute to the company's growth.

Learning about your personality will allow you to uncover your strengths and weaknesses, so you can know what traits you should work on to appeal to prospective employers.

It will also enable you to see whether the company will be the best fit for you and your future goals.

Step 5. Focus and Read the Instructions Carefully

The awareness that the clock is ticking often prompts people to skim the questions too quickly.

However, by doing so, you risk being unable to interpret the information and providing an incorrect answer.

Through the variety of questions, the same behaviours, competencies and traits are often assessed in various ways. Take the time to read the Korn Ferry competency assessment question carefully so that you have an accurate understanding of what is being asked.

Step 6. Prepare Your Environment and Yourself

Since the Korn Ferry test is an online assessment, where and when you sit the test is crucial.

  • Choose a room free from distractions, including people, light and noise sources.
  • Figure out whether you are a morning person or perform better in the afternoon, and take the test at that time of the day.
  • Test your internet speed, update your browser and ensure that nothing will disturb your internet connection during the test.

For the Korn Ferry potential assessment, prepare paper, a pen and a calculator for the math calculations, so you will have them ready when the test begins.

Get a good night's sleep before taking the test so your mind is relaxed and refreshed. Have a meal and drink plenty of water before taking the test as well, as this will prevent you from getting distracted by hunger or thirst.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Korn Ferry assessment is a comprehensive evaluation test for measuring and highlighting top skills in a company's workforce. Apart from identifying the skills, behaviours and mindsets that individual workers must possess for any given role, it also illustrates the talent gap – which will need to be addressed for the company to be successful.

The Korn Ferry assessment can be challenging to pass, but this depends on whether you possess the required talent or not. Korn Ferry tests are adaptive. If you take too long answering a question – or if you get it wrong – an easier one will be presented next. Bear in mind that this will affect your final results.

You can prepare for the Korn Ferry assessment in the comfort of your home by taking online tests with Korn Ferry leadership assessment sample questions. These often offer advice on how to prepare yourself mentally as well.

There are plenty of online resources you can use for guidance and preparation with your Korn Ferry assessment practice so you can show off your skills.

Good scores for the Korn Ferry assessment vary according to the tests. For example, for the ability tests, marks are every correct answer.

For personality assessments, however, results are based on how candidates' scores compare against the behaviours, competencies or values being tested. Each employer has its own benchmarks and comparison groups for determining the latter.

Different types of Korn Ferry tests have a different number of questions. The number of questions varies from 12 for numerical reasoning to much larger numbers on the Korn Ferry personality assessment tests.

Korn Ferry assessments are graded in different ways according to the specific tests. Depending on the requirements of the employer, a candidate's scores may be compared against a company benchmark.

Other employers may prefer to measure candidates' scores against candidates who have previously taken the test and performed well.

The length of a Korn Ferry assessment varies depending on the specific test. For example, personality tests typically take longer to complete than ability tests.

The test provider should be able to give you more information on the time limit of the specific test you are required to take ahead of time so you can prepare for it.

You will find plenty of Korn Ferry assessment sample questions online. Mock tests are provided by popular websites like TestHQ.

While most providers of Korn Ferry test examples offer paid tests, there are some that show previous tests for free as well, so you can decide whether it suits your skills or not based on your Korn Ferry test answers.

The Korn Ferry assessment is used internationally by companies recruiting candidates for managerial, executive and high-level strategic positions. Thanks to its solid basis in scientific reasoning, measurable results and simple interface, it allows high-end companies to assess the suitability of a candidate or current employee in an unbiased way.

This varies depending on the employer's requirements. Some employers will provide the results after each candidate is assessed.

Others will perform a second round of assessments before making the results known. This is often done as a final interview where the interviewer verifies the candidates' or employees' skills while discussing the results.

The same online source that provides sample Korn Ferry practice tests will typically have a comprehensive study guide to help you prepare for the Korn Ferry assessment. These Korn Ferry assessment examples include tips and tricks on what to practice according to the skills evaluated by a particular test group.

If the Korn Ferry test is part of a recruitment or evaluation process for current employees, whether you can retake it depends on your employer.

Some employers will allow and encourage candidates to work on their skills so they can resit the test at a later date. Others will choose to redistribute their effort toward candidates who performed better.

There are two main types of Korn Ferry assessment that you might face.

For the personality tests, you need to focus on being honest with your answers whilst bearing in mind what qualities the job description requires so that you can demonstrate that you have what it takes to be successful.

If you are facing one of the aptitude tests, you need to ensure that you have brushed up on your basic verbal and numerical skills, and you should aim to complete some practice tests so that you know what to expect when it comes to the real thing.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are applying for a managerial, strategic or other leadership position at a new company, you might come across the Korn Ferry assessment or Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP) as part of the recruitment or evaluation process.

You may also be required to take it if you want to advance your career within a company you are currently employed at.

Either way, knowing what the tests aim to assess will help you to prepare for it and secure the position you are after. In addition, remember to be honest and accurate with your answers, as this will be most appreciated by the recruiters.

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