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Practice Word Meaning Tests

Updated 23 June 2021

Practice Word Meaning Tests

Verbal Tests on Job Test Prep (search for Verbal Reasoning in the menu).

Word Meaning Practice Test printable PDF on Psychometric Success.

Word meaning questions are designed to measure your vocabulary, specifically your understanding of word meanings.

To achieve this, the questions focus on the relationships between words and the questions are phrased such that you need to know the precise meaning of the words given in order to select the correct answer.

Online Verbal Ability – Practice Test

Download Verbal Ability Word Meaning – Practice Test

These questions often use synonyms and antonyms (words which have either the same or opposite meanings), dictionary definitions and word pairs.

Practice Word Meaning TestsPractice Word Meaning Tests

Another type of word meaning question uses words which sound similar but have different meanings.

These are called homophones and an example would be the words 'allude’ and ‘elude’. ‘Allude’ means ‘referred’ and ‘elude’ means ‘escaped from’.

Once again, the test designer needs to choose common homophones which are in regular use and this leaves a relatively restricted list to choose from.

The Verbal Reasoning eBook available from this website contains all of the most commonly used words for this type of test.

If you work through these test papers then you will have a list of words that you need to learn the precise meaning of.

These types of question appear in all levels of verbal ability tests.

This practice test contains 40 questions and has a suggested time limit of 10 minutes. The questions are presented in Letter/A4 format for easy printing and self-marking.

Practice Word Meaning Tests