Numerical Reasoning


Numerical Reasoning


Increase speed and precision in all forms of numerical questions. Whether computation, estimation, data interpretation or numerical critical reasoning, this book is packed with the essential know-how needed to provide fast, accurate answers.

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Your ability to work accurately and quickly with numbers is an essential skill for many jobs. Can you correctly answer 30 questions in 30 minutes? Not many of us can, as our day-to-day jobs do not require us to work in this way. The numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to:

• Perform basic mathematical calculations, including working with fractions and percentages.
• Estimate answers to numerical problems.
• Reason out the next in number or letter in a sequence.
• To interpret and make decisions from numerical data.

This 127 page eBook is designed through its 16 practice tests consisting of over 440 questions, with answers and explanations, to increase your speed and accuracy in each of these areas. By working through all these tests you will be able to answer all the questions in 30 minutes and attain the highest scores on the day. This shows an employer that you have the right level of numerical ability for the role and are offered the job.

This eBook is packed with the essential know-how needed to increase your speed and precision in all forms of numerical questions, whether computation, estimation, data interpretation or numerical critical reasoning.

Numerical Reasoning Tests can often go by several different terms. Some call them ‘Numerical Ability Tests’ or ‘Numerical Aptitude Tests’, though they are all pretty much the same. This type of test is basically designed to test your ability to use numbers in a variety of different settings. You may experience simple arithmetic problems, data interpretation questions, or a variety of other challenges, depending upon what company is administering the test and on what job you are vying for.

How Can This Ebook Help Me To Prepare For The Test?
The most challenging thing about preparing for this test is the fact that there are many different versions of it out there… therefore, there are not that many study resources that can help you to prepare for any possibility. This is exactly why we put together this ebook. The information contained within these pages will do three very important things in respect to this type of test…

1. It will help to completely prepare you for every aspect of the numerical reasoning test
2. It will give you valuable insight and information that will help you to understand what companies use this test for, as well as for how to adapt to the different test styles
3. It will prepare you mentally for the actual challenge of sitting down to take the test. You will learn how to stay motivated, keep the right mindset, and how to avoid psyching yourself out before you even get started!

The biggest mistake that a lot of people make going into this type of testing situation is that they tend to rely more on what they already know, rather than put effort into preparing for it. Unfortunately, however, most people think that they remember a LOT MORE than they actually do from their schooling years. The truth is that we DO forget, and most people don’t realize just how much they have forgotten until they are about one quarter of the way into a test like this. Then they tend to freeze up, panic, and are more likely to make hasty decisions that will lead them to getting a poor standing when the results come out.

This ebook can help you in a number of different ways. First of all, most study guides for the numerical reasoning test only cover certain types of tests, or tests from certain companies. Our ebook, however, covers ALL of this information in an easy to use and quick-reference format that will make studying and practicing easy.

We also make it easy for you by offering a plethora of test questions that will help to condition you to the mental rigors that you will face on test day. Without some experience at the table, you will go into the testing room completely blind as to what you should expect. This can definitely cause you to ‘lose touch’ with anything that you may remember, and can really throw you out of your element.

Our structured, specially designed practice tests will eliminate this danger. By completing each section and going over every chapter, you will be re-exposed to all of the data and information needed to be a top scorer when the day finally comes to take the exam!

Don’t rely on second-rate study guides for a test THIS important! These tests are taken very seriously by employers, even if you are testing for a job that is not all about numbers. The hard truth is that you are GOING to have to score high to move forward, and the BEST way to do that is through a high-quality study guide… which is EXACTLY what this ebook is!