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You need to stand out from the crowd when you go for a new job or promotion. You'll need to have three things: 

  • An excellent CV or resume

  • The knowledge to answer tough interview questions

  • A high score in the tests used during the recruitment process

You may already have the first two, but... Do you know how to increase your test scores and get the job you want?

You can start by downloading our free practice tests - there are 16 to choose from and they will give you a good idea of what to expect on the day.

Should you need further practice, we recommend JobTestPrep’s test packages. Be sure also to check out WikiJob’s page on psychometric tests.

  Number of Questions Suggested Time Limit
Numerical Aptitude
Numerical Computation  30  10 mins
Numerical Estimation  35  10 mins
Data Interpretation  25 20 mins
Numerical Critical Reasoning  22 20 mins
 Verbal Aptitude
Spelling  75 10 mins
Word Meaning 40 10 mins
Word Relationships 30 15 mins
Verbal Comprehension 20 10 mins
Verbal Critical Reasoning 8 20 mins
Abstract Reasoning Ability
Abstract Reasoning  25  20 mins
Diagrammatic Reasoning 30  20 mins
Spatial Ability
Spatial Ability  45  20 mins
Technical Ability
Mechanical Reasoning 20  15 mins
Fault Diagnosis 12 10 mins
Clerical Ability
Data Checking 40 15 mins
Concentration/Work Rate 12 5 mins

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