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Practice Word Relationship Tests

Practice Word Relationship Tests

Word relationship questions assess your ability to identify the relationship between words and to then apply this verbal analogy.

To answer these questions you need to understand the meaning of the words in the question and establish what exactly the relationship is between them.

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You should then look at the answer options and decide which answer is the most appropriate.

These questions test your reasoning ability as well as your vocabulary.

These types of question appear in nearly all levels of  verbal ability tests.

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Word Relationship Tests
Word Relationship Tests

This sample question paper contains 40 questions and has a suggested time limit of 10 minutes.

The questions are presented in Letter/A4 format for easy printing and self-marking.

Word relationship questions often take the form of verbal analogies.

These can be classified into specific categories. For example; materials, taxonomic relationships, temporal relationships, parts of speech, etc. The list is almost endless.

Be sure that you understand what an analogy is before you start.

Every analogy expresses a relationship between two things.

It is this relationship that you must understand as you look at the options required to complete the analogy.

First try to understand the relationships expressed in the question words.

Then choose your answer so that the relationship in the first pair of words is similar to the relationship in the second pair of words in terms of meaning, order and function.

Check that the parts of speech used in the two sections of analogy are consistent and follow in the same sequence.

For example, if the first pair of words contains an adjective and a noun in that order, then the second pair of words must contain an adjective and a noun in the same order.

Test designers are very fond of offering answer options which initially seem credible but where this golden rule is broken.

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