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Technical roles require a specialized set of skills and our 334 page exclusive Technical Level eBook gives you a 45% saving if you buy this version, rather than the five separate eBooks it combines.

It has the specialist Mechanical Reasoning, Fault Diagnosis and Spatial ability practice tests you will encounter during the recruiting process. These tests along with everything you will need for numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning tests give you 44 tests consisting of over 1,400 questions.

Each test is accompanied by its own specific advice and explanations to help you improve your scores and accuracy. This specialist eBook offers you the opportunity to fully prepare in the short time frame of the recruiting process saving you time and money. It offers you exceptional value and includes:

• 128 mechanical reasoning & fault diagnosis questions testing your understanding of mechanical and physical concepts (e.g. friction, gravity, velocity etc.) using:
o Levers, pulleys, gears & springs.
o Simple electrical circuits.
o Tool recognition & ‘Shop’ arithmetic.
o Fault diagnosis

• 180 spatial ability questions designed to test your ability to think visually, mentally manipulate and solve spatial problems, whether shown as a:
o 2D & 3D images.
o Selecting ‘odd one out’ or identical shapes.
o Complete an image statement, grid or series.
o Follow and recognize compass positions on maps and plans

• Over 340 numerical reasoning questions covering all forms of numerical questions;
o Computation & estimation
o Numerical critical reasoning.

• More than 680 verbal reasoning questions that will test you speed and accuracy in:
o Spelling, meaning of words & their relationships
o Comprehension

• 100 abstract reasoning questions to practice with so that you can answer each of the 20 typical questions in 45 seconds or less! This shows your ‘natural’ ability to interpreting data trends and patterns.
o Pattern recognition & completion,
o Figure grouping & icon grids,
o Logical flowcharts & multiple operator questions.

Completing all 44 tests contained within this eBook will greatly improve your accuracy and speed. Our explanations, advice and answers will ensure that you maximize your tests scores and demonstrate your suitability for your chosen role.





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