Supervisory Level Tests eBook





In 376 pages our Supervisory Level eBook you will be able to practice improving your speed and accuracy so you attain a high score in to succeed. This version combines our four most popular eBooks, giving you a 30% reduction for its 40 aptitude tests, a total of 1,276 questions everything you will need for numerical, verbal, abstract reasoning and personality tests.

Included for FREE in this eBook are the Concentration and Data checking aptitude tests that you will be required to score highly in for a supervisory role. This unique eBook offers you an opportunity to fully prepare in the short time frame of the recruiting process, saving you time and money.

Finally it outlines what you can expect from your Assessment Center day, describing what is expected from you in each of the exercises. This eBooks gives you exceptional value as it includes:

• More than 660 verbal reasoning questions that will test you speed and accuracy in:
o Spelling
o Meaning of words & relationships
o Comprehension

• Over 308 numerical reasoning questions covering all forms of numerical questions;
o Computation
o Data interpretation
o Numerical critical reasoning.

• 100 abstract reasoning questions to practice with so that you can answer each of the 20 typical questions in 45 seconds or less! This shows your ‘natural’ ability to interpreting data trends and patterns.
o Pattern recognition & completion,
o Figure grouping & icon grids,
o Logical flowcharts & multiple operator questions.

• Over 350 personality questions designed to assess your traits and characteristics:
o Advice on how to ascertain required job and organization ‘characteristics.
o 7-step preparation guide
o Explanation of ‘Big -5’ aspects of personality.

• 48 concentration questions to practice and build up your speed so that you can display your ability to work carefully and systematically. Typically these tests consist of 12 questions or more to complete as many questions as possible in 5 minutes.

• 160 data checking questions designed to assess your ability to identify inaccuracies and errors in numerical and written data. How quickly you can perform such tasks is critical to succeeding as these tests with on average 40 questions to work through in 20 minutes.

The explanations, advice and answers contained within the eBook will ensure that you maximize your tests scores and demonstrate your suitability for your chosen role.





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