Mechanical Reasoning and Spatial Ability eBooks





Save money with this special offer tailored for those who need to succeed at spatial ability and mechanical reasoning to get that desired job in one of the forces, emergency services, or for a engineering role.

With 135 pages in this combined eBook you will receive advice and explanations on how to succeed at these specialist tests. You will be able to practice and improve for your scores using the 12 tests, containing 128 specialist questions. These will test you knowledge, skills and ability to:

• Rotate or manipulate 2D & 3D images to solve a problem.
• Selecting identical shapes or spotting the odd one out.
• Complete an image statement, grid or series.
• Follow and recognize compass positions on maps and plans.
• Calculate mechanical and physical concepts using:
o Levers and pulleys.
o Gears and springs.
o Simple electrical circuits.
• Recognize appropriate uses of a variety of tools.
• Accurate perform ‘Shop’ arithmetic.

To be the chosen candidate you must attain one of the highest scores on the day and you need to practice such tests so that you can improve your speed and accuracy. This shows an employer that you have an exceptional spatial and mechanical reasoning.





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