Group Discussion Exercises

Group discussion exercises involve candidates working together as a team, to resolve a presented issue. These exercises commonly measure interpersonal skills such as group leadership, teamwork, negotiation, and group problem solving skills. Group exercises may range from 'leaderless group discussion' formats to problem solving scenarios.

Group Discussion

Employers are looking for management skills, one of which is the ability to get the best out of your co-workers. Your social skills will be included in the assessment so listen to other people, be friendly and participate. Employers don’t usually want people who are withdrawn, or those who are aggressively dominant.

In group test exercises try to forget the assessors, give your attention to the task and the group. You will be assessed on the quality of your contribution and how you relate to the other participants.

You will be also assessed on your ideas, leadership, involvement and co-operation. Remember that your participation and reasoning is more important than the substance of your ideas and decisions.

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